Everything you need to know about the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event

"Heart-pounding terror' awaits Overwatch players from October 12 until November 2.

Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event returned on Tuesday, October 12. For this year, the game's annual chilling celebration brings back everybody's favorite co-op mode, Junkenstein's Revenge, as well as a new batch of scary skins for players to collect and/or buy.

Overwatch Halloween Event Guide
Overwatch's popular themed event, Halloween Terror, is back this year.

How to earn skins during the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event

Blizzard added five new Legendary skins as part of Halloween Terror 2021. Namely, these skins are Draugr Reinhard, Vampire Bat Echo, Satyr Lucio, Vampire Hunter Brigitte, and Coffin Bastion. Meanwhile, three other Epic skins in Skeleton Genji, Clown Roadhog, and Einherjar Zarya, are all available for players to earn just by playing Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive Play, for the next three weeks.

Here are the details on how to unlock the said Epic skins and other Halloween-themed cosmetics:

Week 1

  • Play 9 games - Skeleton Genji Spray
  • Play 18 games - Skeleton Genji Player Icon
  • Play 27 games - Skeleton Genji

Week 2

  • Play 9 games - Einherjar Zarya Spray
  • Play 18 games - Einherjar Zarya Player Icon
  • Play 27 games - Einherjar Zarya Epic Skin

Week 3

  • Play 9 games - Clown Roadhog Spray
  • Play 18 Games - Clown Roadhog Player Icon
  • Play 27 Games - Clown Roadhog Epic Skin

Do remember that you don't have to win every game you play for it to count. You only need to play Overwatch. Of course, if you win, it counts as having played two games, so there's that.

How long is the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event?

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event will last for three weeks this year. From October 12 players will have a chance to play through the unique modes and earn skins until November 2.

What’s next for Overwatch?

Overwatch Halloween Event Guide
Overwatch's days are numbered. We just don't know when Overwatch 2 is going to come in and replace it.

At the moment, most Overwatch players are waiting for more Overwatch 2 news. Most recently, we learned about the Bastion and Sombra reworks coming to the Overwatch sequel. Blizzard also intends to rename McCree following the lawsuit lodged against several Blizzard employees, including the Overwatch hero's namesake, former Blizzard level designer, Jesse McCree.

Earlier this year, we also learned that Overwatch 2 will not be released this year. However, as 2021 comes to a close, fans are hoping that Blizzard can give Overwatch 2 a more specific release date instead of a wide and vague 2022 release window.

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