Overwatch 2's showcases Ramattra's abilities in gameplay trailer

The new hero is a transforming tank that can dish out both long and close-ranged damage.

Overwatch 2's roadmap has revealed that another hero will be added to the list when Season 2 arrives. Blizzard recently disclosed that the new hero for Overwatch 2 would be an Omnic tank named Ramattra. We had very little information about the hero when he was first announced. But, that is changing as Blizzard reveals more about the new tank hero in a gameplay trailer.

Ramattra Cover
Blizzard released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming hero Ramattra.

The gameplay video comes just a week before Ramattra becomes playable at the start of Overwatch 2's second season. The incoming hero is locked behind the battle pass, specifically at Tier 55.

Blizzard calls Ramattra "Overwatch 2's first Tempo Tank" as he has the ability to transform and switch up his play style, depending on the flow of the game. The developers describe the tank’s combat style as "complex and multifaceted, mirroring his history and ideals."

Ramattra, the transforming tank

Ramattra Art
Ramattra has both ranged and close combat abilities.

From the gameplay trailer, we can see Ramattra initially starting as a ranged fighter using a staff and shield. In this form, he can dish out ranged projectile damage, that requires a charge time, in order to hit distant targets as well as create a barrier at a target location.

However, Ramattra can also transform into Nemesis Form and get up close and personal with the enemy team. In this form, he trades his staff and shield for a pair of extra arms that deal damage by punching waves of energy at enemies at close range. Ramattra also gains a defensive ability that reduces incoming damage, but at the cost of reduced movement speed. The hero also sports bonus armor while in Nemesis form.


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His ultimate ability is called Annihilation, which creates an energy swarm around the hero and deals damage to nearby enemies. The ability’s duration timer is paused when it deals damage. Ramattra can only access his ultimate while in Nemesis Form.

Finally, Ramattra has a crowd control ability called Ravenous Vortex. The hero can launch a nano ball that explodes upon impact. It damages enemies in the area, reducing movement speed, and pulls them downward.

Ramattra Art
The Nemesis Form allows Ramattra to get up close and personal with his enemies.

Being able to transform from a ranged fighter to a close combat tank gives Ramattra the ability to read the battle and adjust accordingly. Players can opt for a cautious approach at the start of the game and switch to Nemesis Form to push opponents against the wall.

It will be fascinating to watch how players utilize Ramattra’s abilities and how opposing teams try to counter his shifting play style. We will know how devastating he can be when Ramattra becomes available at the start of season 2 on December 6.

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