Overwatch 2’s game director has confirmed two upcoming heroes

The roster of champions Overwatch 2 can offer to its player base will be expanded with two new support heroes.

DPS carries are always the main draw in competitive multiplayer titles and Overwatch 2 isn’t much different. Nonethless. tanks and supports are usually the noble heroes that decide the outcome of the game by enabling the said carries. Activision Blizzard has also noticed that this role offers "the least amount of choice", which is why it's working hard to make changes.

rammatra ow
Ramattra is a dual-form tank hero in Overwatch 2

The game director of Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller, recently had a chat with NME discussing the team's balance philosophy, an upcoming campaign, and what lies in store for the title this year. Unfortunately, season 3 of OW2 won’t introduce a new hero but seasons 4 and 6 will make up for it. Two new supports who will most likely be healers will join the roster of heroes, introducing new and wild gameplay features.

They bring some things to the game that we haven’t seen before. Some new mechanics and really exciting ways of interacting with your own team

This is how far the game director was willing to go, refusing to hint at anything regarding their identity. He had previously suggested that undeveloped characters in the Overwatch 2 lore could become new heroes. Ramattra is the newest hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster, doing so on December 6, 2022. She and Kiriko, the last hero to be released in the support role, will be available to anyone who purchases the Premium Battle Pass for $10.

Microsoft has been putting in some effort trying to get Overwatch 2 and its competitive scene off the ground. Apart from sponsoring and encouraging various streamers and events to develop the community, it have also reintroduced the Overwatch World Cup after a three-year hiatus. The EU and FTC might be doing their best to postpone the Activision acquisition, but a new chapter in Overwatch history is on its way.

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