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Overwatch 2 Xbox team stands tall in crossplay showdown against PC players

”I respect console now” were Jay3’s words, a former Overwatch pro player himself who hosted the event.

overwatch controler mouse
Are you Team Controller or Team Mouse for competitive FPS titles?

The advantages that using a mouse and keyboard bring to competitive multiplayer shooters can never be understated. The sheer difference in response times is enough to tilt the odds against controller players, but you could barely notice that in the recent Overwatch 2 crossplay showdown match.

Twitch streamer and content creator for Luminosity Gaming Jay3, who is a former professional Overwatch player, decided to put this gaming myth to the test. He organized a special crossplay show match top console gamers and team WISP from the Overwatch Contenders League. Just to be clear, that's an international esports league for Overwatch that serves as a developmental league and the tier-two competition scene for aspiring Overwatch professional players. Those players are under contract with all benefits secured, who regularly train and scrimmage as a team while playing on PC.

But you wouldn't be able to notice that glaring of a difference in gameplay quality despite a 3-1 map result in favor of the PC team. Many expected the PC team to wipe the floor with a console squad that didn't have the time to practice after two last-minute substitutions, but the game was a lot closer than the score would suggest. This left Overwatch 2 fans in awe considering that the hero shooter, like many other competitive first-person multiplayer shooters, is more suited towards PC gaming despite being available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch among others.

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Opening up the first to three wins series on the map Oasis with the console team in blue and the amateur pros on WISP in red, the console team stood its ground. After an early stalemate with both teams taking turns one-shotting each other and negating advantages, the PC team squeaked out a win. The console team was able to even the series out on the second map, Hollywood, whipping out a Pharah-Mercy comp that earned POTG honors when they captured point A with a damage-boosted Rocket Barrage.

But the dream ended after WISP’s PC team took two consecutive maps to close it out with a 3-1 score. Despite this, the console squad’s performance was not something to be overlooked and Jay3, the host, let it be known ”I came into this not liking console because I’m a PC player, but I respect console. That was a really intense and fun few games that I just witnessed!”

The competitive scene in Overwatch is due for a comeback after Blizzard confirmed its plans to revive the Overwatch World Cup in 2023, which should be a turbulent year for all of Microsoft’s subsidiaries with the trouble surrounding its Blizzard acquisition deal and Xbox losing a development team.

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