Blizzard to Host a Overwatch 2 PvP Reveal on May 20

If it feels like Blizzard has been awfully quiet these days when it comes to Overwatch 2, that's because it's true.

Blizzard will host a two-hour Overwatch 2 PvP reveal event on May 20.

The last time the developers talked about the upcoming sequel to Overwatch was back in February at BlizzConline 2021. Even then, all Blizzard revealed was some new character designs. It's been a while since Blizzard talked about the core gameplay itself. However, all of that is going to change much sooner than you'd think.

Blizzard announced that on May 20 it plans to host an Overwatch 2 PvP reveal live stream that will showcase all the gameplay changes, in particular, the player-versus-player element, coming to Overwatch 2.

How to Watch the Overwatch 2 PvP Reveal

Overwatch 2 isn't expected to release until after 2021.

Less than a month ago, former Overwatch Lead Designer and Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, left Blizzard after 19 years. The departure of the former Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment understandably left numerous fans concerned. After all, Jeff Kaplan was essentially the face of Overwatch. He often made appearances at most Overwatch-related events, whether it was live or online.

Even though Kaplan himself confirmed that Blizzard and his replacement, Aaron Keller, are still working hard on Overwatch 2, the lack of news in recent months had fans worried about the game's development.

Fast forward to today and it seems like Blizzard is finally ready to show off what they've been working on these past few months.

According to the new Overwatch Game Director, Aaron Keller, Blizzard will host a two-hour live stream event that will take place on May 20. Also confirmed to make an appearance at the event are Lead Hero Designer, Geoff Goodman, and Associate Art Director, Dion Rogers.

Blizzard intends to broadcast the stream live on both YouTube and Twitch starting at 3:00 PM ET on May 20.

Keller cautioned viewers that everything that will be shown at the upcoming Overwatch 2 PvP reveal is very much still a work in progress and that things are still subject to change. But, he did also highlight that the event will give the studio a chance to talk more about Overwatch 2. Specifically, about the philosophy behind all the changes coming to Overwatch 2.

Perhaps more importantly, Keller added that the upcoming Overwatch 2 PvP reveal is just the beginning.

According to Keller, fans should expect more updates about the different PvP modes of Overwatch 2 later this year with a developer AMA on Reddit planned for May 24.

Blizzard first announced Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon 2019. Overwatch 2 isn't expected to launch until sometime after 2021.

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