Overwatch 2 PVE cinematics have leaked ahead of launch

The leaked images were shared on Reddit but were later taken down by moderators.

Leaks are seemingly a part of the development cycle these days. We have had quite a number of gameplay footage, screenshot, and trailer leaks in recent months.

Doomfist Cover
Doomfist will be part of the PVE campaign according to leaks.

The biggest leak this year has been for GTA 6 which involved ninety pieces of pre-alpha footage, as well as, subsequently, law enforcement from the US and UK. We also had hours of gameplay footage from alpha and beta tests of Diablo 4 leaked. Blizzard specifically chose to do a closed beta test only on the end-game content for Diablo 4, as they expected leaks would happen.

Overwatch 2 is no stranger to leaks. There have been multiple leaks about the character Kiriko and her cinematic story. Several gameplay elements such as maps and modes have also been prematurely released by leakers.

Well, we now have a new leak for Overwatch 2 and it involves the story campaign. Two cinematic images for the campaign have been shared via Reddit. The post has since been taken down by moderators after being reported multiple times.

Moira Overwatch Art
Moira and the terrorist organization Talon will take part in the PVE campaign.

The first screenshot is of Moira and Sigma seated together. According to the subtitles, Moira said, "Dr. de Kuiper is not ready for field duties, his instability could send us flying. And I'm not going to allow them to abuse your instability."

Moira is a part of the Talon terrorist organization. The screenshot may indicate that the group has something to do with the single-player campaign. Players may be tasked to take control of the terrorist faction in a story mission.

The second screenshot is a conversation between Orisa and Doomfist where she informs the tank that she is "now the protector of Numbani". "Your heart is as big as your fist, your ambition as strong as the people of Numbani, but your destiny is as bad as Talon," Orisa tells Doomfist.

Interestingly, the location for Orisa and Doomfist’s conversation happens in the Temple of Anubis map. The location has been removed from the sequel of the team-based coop shooter.

Fans have been debating the authenticity of the leaks. The post that shared the images has been taken down which lends it some credence.

Overwatch Orisa
Leaked images reveal that Orisa is talking to Doomfist in the Temple of Anubis map.

Blizzard revealed in 2019 that a single-player campaign will be part of Overwatch 2. The developer mentioned during its announcement that the campaign would be an expansive PVE experience.

Not much is known about the PVE campaign. The studio has revealed its plan to add the content during the seasonal updates of the game. Blizzard may look to add chapters of the single-player campaign throughout several seasons to spread it out.

The PVE mode will come to OW2 in 2023, although there is no word yet on which season it will arrive. In the meantime, players can enjoy PVE content via the new Revenge Halloween mode which arrived yesterday. The event will last until November 8, 2022.

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