Overwatch 2 may revamp its microtransactions after controversies

Players of the free-to-play shooter had numerous complaints about the expensive prices for skins on the Overwatch 2 store.

Blizzard has recently gone to a free-to-play model with its Overwatch sequel. The company has also made changes to the OW store by removing loot boxes.

Overwatch Cover
Blizzard is asking players what they think of the microtransactions and battle pass.

In Overwatch 2, the battle pass system guarantees that players who purchase it will get the same rewards. Skins and other cosmetic items can be unlocked by simply reaching a certain level.

However, a player wanting to acquire a skin that is not part of the battle pass needs to pay hefty prices to obtain them. These skins can only be purchased with premium currency in the in-game store. Some skins can cost as much as $20 in real-world money.

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B;izzard sent out surveys to some of its players.

During the recent Halloween event, the bundle prices in the Overwatch 2 store were potentially illegal. One particular skin, Kiriko’s Halloween skin, was discounted by 29% but still ends up costing players $26 dollars.

Thankfully, Blizzard is listening to fans. The company has recently sent out a survey asking players about their opinions regarding topics such as microtransactions and the battle pass. Reddit user FelineXJunkie first reported the emails in the Overwatch subreddit.

Blizzard Survey from Overwatch

Not all players will receive this type of survey email from Blizzard. Some players who reportedly purchased items or packs from the in-game store have received them. Others who haven’t purchased anything have also been reporting getting the survey. It is not clear how the company is choosing who would take part in the survey.

This would hopefully be a sign that Blizzard is willing to make changes to its microtransaction and battle pass system. Players have been complaining that the battle pass grind takes too long. There have been reports that gamers need to grind for at least 13 hours just to unlock the new hero, Kiriko.

Players have also been complaining about how the premium currency is earned in the free-to-play title. Overwatch 2 seems to have placed a cap on how many Overwatch coins a player can earn in one week. Others have said that the challenges (where players can earn OW coins) also require a significant amount of grinding to complete.

Overwatch Halloween
We may see the changes to the microtransactions and battle pass when the PvE mode arrives.

If you have played OW2 recently and/or purchased something from the Overwatch store, check your inbox for the survey. Every response will help Blizzard implement changes to the microtransactions and battle pass.

Hopefully, the company will address the concerns of the player base that they gather from the survey and implement changes soon. Season 1 for Overwatch 2 will be ending on December 6. We may see changes, probably in Season 3, towards the spring of 2023 along with the launch of the PvE mode.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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