Overwatch 2 makes it easier to unlock new hero Ramattra

Blizzard has decided to make the grinding for Ramattra a bit shorter for players on the free Battle Pass.

Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 has been hounded by controversies and issues since it was launched as a free-to-play title in October. Amid complaints about the release format of new heroes, Blizzard has made changes to how players can unlock newcomer Ramattra.

Ramattra Cover
Ramattra is easier to grind in Season 2.

Overwatch 2 had a spectacularly bumpy release. During that time, the game’s servers were targeted by DDoS attacks, struggled to migrate Overwatch 1 data and were hampered by long queues, amongst other issues and criticisms.

Players were also unhappy with Blizzard’s implementation of the first-time user experience and the need for a valid mobile number in order to create a game account.

Blizzard has since addressed most of these issues, and the studio even issued a subsequent apology, offering compensation in the form of free cosmetic items.

One Overwatch 2 complaint that was not addressed before the end of season 1 is the grind required to unlock the new hero. Players were upset that the game required them to reach Tier 55 of the free Battle Pass to unlock Kiriko, the new support hero that came with Season 1. After the backlash, Blizzard announced that it would be easier to unlock the new tank hero Ramattra during Season 2.

Ramattra Art
Ramattra has been moved from Tier 55 to 45.

Overwatch 2’s game director Aaron Keller shared that they have reviewed the data from the previous season and decided to make it easier to unlock Ramattra on the free Battle Pass. Along with moving the new tank hero to a lower tier, Keller also revealed that the weekly challenges are now "easier" to accomplish.

"Hey, all! Quick update on some changes coming to Season 2," Keller tweeted. "After reviewing data for Season 1, we’re moving Ramattra into Tier 45 of the Battle Pass and making a few more weekly challenges easier to complete. Excited for you all to see everything new in Season 2 starting tomorrow!"

The reaction from players regarding the new announcement were mixed. Many were happy that Blizzard addressed the grind to unlock a new hero. Others weren’t content with the update, suggesting that new heroes should be unlocked at lower tiers still.

Players have been excited to play as Ramattra ever since the new tank was dubbed Overwatch 2's "first tempo tank." Ramattra has the ability to switch from a ranged fighter to a close-ranged defensive brawler. The new tank hero can be instantly unlocked by purchasing a premium Battle Pass, of course.

Overwatch Art
Season 2 adds a new game mode called Battle for Olympus.

The second season of Overwatch 2 started yesterday and will bring new holiday-themed events and cosmetics items to the game. The new season will also add a new map and limited-time game mode called Battle for Olympus.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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