Overpowered DMR-14 Class Setup for Warzone

Since the integration of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, we've got many new weapons to use in the Warzone. Now you can use the weapons from the Cold War in Warzone as well.

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The introduction of the Cold War weapons in the Warzone has completely changed the meta weapons. One of the more popular ones is the ridiculously overpowered DMR 14 tactical rifle.

Although this weapon is a single-fire weapon, you only need 2-3 shots to take out a fully armored enemy player. The damage on this weapon is serious. The DMR is the new FAL.

You need to make sure your weapon is upgraded to at least level 46 for this class setup. Leveling up your weapons is tedious and time-consuming in the Cold War. Therefore, you can use our Plunder strategy to not only level up your weapons faster but also your Battle Pass and overall character level. This is possible thanks to the Warzone and Cold War integration, allowing you to use your Cold War weapons in Warzone. Feel free to check the attachment levels for all Cold War weapons as well.

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For the Muzzle attachment, select the Agency Silencer. Agency Silencer is a Cold War attachment equivalent to the Monolithic Suppressor. It increases your damage range and provides sound suppression.

The Agency Silencer unlocks at level 46.


This one is an interesting one since the attachments do not work the way they are intended. The attachments' stated functions are currently (as of January 4, 2020) not taking effect, which we can expect to be solved soon. For instance, the 20.8" Match Grade and 20.8" Task Force are supposed to increase your bullet velocity and damage range, which they don't.

For now, you need to select the 16.3" Titanium barrel attachment for an increased fire rate. However, when the attachments start working the way they intend to do, make sure you go for the 20.8" Task Force, which is supposed to increase your damage, bullet velocity, and effective damage range.

The 16.3" Titanium barrel unlocks at level 30. The 20.8" Match Grade and 20.8" Task Force unlocks at levels 39 and 48, respectively.


You need to select Field Agent Foregrip as your Underbarrel attachment, which will give you increased vertical and horizontal recoil control. This is an important attachment for the DMR as it packs quite a punch. Suppose you have a good trigger finger and control the recoil on this weapon. It is deadly.

The Field Agent Foregrip attachment will help you control the recoil better. It unlocks at level 41.


You can select the 30 Round Mags for this weapon. You only need around 2-4 shots to take down a fully armored enemy player. The reason we recommend choosing the 30 Round Mags over the 30 Round Speed Mags is the slow ADS you get due to the Speed Mags.

Yes, if you go with the standard 30 Round Mags, your reload speed decreases considerably. But, as mentioned above, you only need 2-4 shots to take down an enemy if you are accurate. You need faster ADS speed, which is only possible if you do not have the Speed Mags.

The 30 Round Mags unlock at level 8.


For the Optic, you can choose whichever Optic you feel comfortable with. However, we recommend going with the VLK 3.0x alternative in the Cold War called the Axial Arms 3x. You can change your reticle to "Kill Shot" if it is unlocked for you to get an even clearer view.

Axial Arms 3x unlocks at level 12. You can also go with the Hawksmoor, which unlocks at level 32. The Hawksmoor takes away your ability to shoot at range as opposed to the 3x magnification offered by the Axial Arms 3x Optic attachment. It is best to go with the Axial Arms 3x for both medium to long-range engagements.

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