Overdose, the new game by Hideo Kojima, keeps on leaking online

It's believed that Kojima Productions will officially reveal Overdose at The Game Awards in December.

Hideo Kojima's upcoming new game, Overdose, is all over the internet right now.

Overdose Hideo Kojima Leaking Online
Margaret Qualley previously lent her voice and likeness to the characters of Lockne and Mama in Death Stranding.

The mysterious game by the equally enigmatic video game auteur has been the talk of the town recently, especially since he's been teasing "something" for months that involves Elle Fanning. But, it appears that Overdose isn't just a codename. Instead, the title of the said horror game appears at the end of a video that's available online.

Judging from what we know, Overdose is a survival horror game starring Margaret Qualley, who previously featured in Death Stranding. However, if we base it on the video, Qualley's game is not the same as the one starring Elle Fanning, which many believe is the sequel to Death Stranding 2.

Going back to the Qualley-led title, the video shows her walking through what looks like an abandoned building as creepy noises fill the background while we're treated to flashes of either a killer or a monster if not both. Something then spooks Qualley's character, sending her running down a character and away from something. This leads to a game over screen that features an all-too-familiar phase, "A Hideo Kojima game."

Overdose Hideo Kojima Leaking Online
Margaret Qualley's excellent portrayal of Lockne and Mama might be the reason why Kojima is bringing her back to star in Overdose.

The most prevalent theory is Overdose is a mobile game or one you can enjoy on a mobile device. Overdose could be Kojima Productions' cloud game for Xbox Game Studios. But, some believe that Overdose is related to Death Stranding. The footage shows that it's using Qualley's character model from Death Stranding. Of course, a plausible explanation for that is the game is still in development. Kojima Productions might be using existing assets from other games first before finalizing Qualley's look in Overdose, or whatever it ends up being called when it comes out.

TLDR; this is one of the few times that a leak makes little sense at all.

Having said that, Kojima's leaks have ramped up in recent months. Kojima's close ties with Geoff Keighley suggest that he could take the stage at The Game Awards in December.

Regardless of Kojima's upcoming projects, we know it's not a new Silent Hill game or even a remake or related to Abandoned. Ironically, a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater popped up online earlier this week.

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