New Outriders Update To Address Legendary Drop Rates

Square Enix and People Can Fly's looter-shooter, Outriders, has been a hit since it launched in April. It is easily one of the biggest successes of 2021 and a huge win for People Can Fly. However, it's still not a perfect game. Although it's not billed as a live-service title, Outriders continues to find itself plagued with numerous technical issues, including some that it has suffered from since when the game launched.

Expect to get more Legendary gear in Outriders after the next update arrives.

One of these issues, albeit not technical, is the problem with legendary drop rates. The low drop rates of some of Outriders' most powerful gear has forced some players to resort to using trainers, as we covered in an article published last month.

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With that said, it seems like the months-long complaints within the Outriders community have not fallen on deaf ears as People Can Fly has just outlined the ways it will address the problem.

People Can Fly Takes to Reddit to Explain Legendary Fix

Hopefully, after the next patch, People Can Fly start talking about the future content for Outriders.

In a Reddit post, the developers of Outriders detailed their plans to address the game's Legendary drop rates problems in the next patch. The solution will reportedly help improve the Legendary gear drop rates in Outriders by as much as 100% and they aim to release the patch early next week.

As part of their attempt to solve the problem, the developers will take away the Legendary Level Brackets.

By doing this, enemies can drop a Legendary weapon at any level. However, stat base scaling will still apply. What this means is that Legendary gear dropped by higher-level enemies is still going to be better. Players who prefer the best version of their preferred weapons will still want to continue farming in higher World Tiers.

Another way that People Can Fly is attempting to solve the problem with Legendary weapons is by implementing an Anti-Duplication System. Once implemented, this new feature will guarantee players don't end up getting the same Legendary weapon twice.

In addition to this, bosses will also be able to drop non-class-specific Legendary armor going forward for added loot variety.

Lastly, People Can Fly is also looking to make improvements to Outriders' multiplayer experience. The team explains that it took them this long to make the said changes because it carried the risk of harming the sign-in times for the game.

What's Next for Outriders?

Surprisingly enough, Outriders wasn't part of Square Enix's showcase at E3 2021. Perhaps there was nothing new to show off for the game yet. It wasn't too long ago that the studio promised more content coming to Outriders in the future, so fans were understandably excited to catch a glimpse of this.

People Can Fly seems focused on improving Outriders right now rather than providing new content. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. In fact, this makes People Can Fly one of the few developers who are actively trying to improve a title that technically isn't a live-service game.

At the moment, the development team is hard at work testing the upcoming patch. They hope to release it next week.

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