Outriders Trainer Legally Increases Legendary Drop Rate

People have constantly sought ways to cheat in video games since, well, video games were first invented. However, developers and publishers have since evolved as well. Most studios have made cheating in video games a bannable offense. Then again, there are certain situations where cheating does make sense. Case in point, Outriders.

Outriders players are now using hacks and trainers so that they can get their hands on Legendary gear a bit more often.

With legendary drop rates seemingly close to nonexistent, players are using cheats to make sure that their efforts grinding in Outriders don't go to waste.

Impossibly Low Legendary Drop Rate Force Outriders Players to Cheat

One possible solution is to let players choose which legendaries they might get after completing a run at CT14-15.

The ethics behind cheating is always a finicky subject. On one hand, cheating is bad and bannable, as already mentioned. On the other hand, what other option do you have if the developers, which in this case is People Can Fly, aren't keen on making legendary gear in Outriders drop more?

In this particular case, as detailed on a Reddit thread, the trainer doesn't really change anything outside of the legendary drop rates in Outriders. Not to mention, it didn't make it so that legendary items would drop all the time. Rather, the hack only tweaked the settings so that you could get at least one legendary for each time you kill an elite in an expedition.

While this exploit is only available to PC players of Outriders via Steam at the moment, players can technically share it with others on Xbox and PlayStation platforms via crossplay.

Now, this doesn't mean that we condone cheating in any way. We still firmly believe that legendary gear in Outriders should be hard to come by. However, we do understand why some players think that what People Can Fly has done is unfair. After all, the drop rates of powerful items in games are purposely kept low to keep PvP gameplay balanced, among others, for months if not years to come.

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In the case of Outriders, there's no PvP gameplay and content roadmap to balance around, which begs the question, why are People Can Fly making it so hard to get powerful gear in the first place?

At the moment, there are around 70+ legendary items in Outriders. Depending on how fast you clear each run and your luck, you could get at least one legendary item per every other run at Challenge Tiers 14-15, which translates roughly to around one legendary every 20-30 minutes. The worst part is that some legendary items seem to drop more often than others for some reason, which means that you could go on hundreds of runs and still not get all the legendary items.

Given that Outriders is a purely PvE game with no PvP feature coming anytime soon, you can understand why so many players are frustrated and turning to use exploits and hacks.

We understand that People Can Fly wants to make legendary gear in Outriders feel like they're not ordinary. At this point though, they could be legendaries that you can literally never get your hands on. This is outrageous when you consider that the best way to obtain a legendary is playing in Expeditions at Challenge Tiers 14-5.

In no way is it fair for a PvE game like Outriders to require players to put in hundreds upon hundreds of hours of playtime just to complete a single build. This is clearly an overreaction to players farming a single Captain on loop during the Outriders demo.

If People Can Fly wants to give players a reason to keep on playing Outriders, the studio needs to come up with a solution now. Otherwise, it might as well kiss any goodwill it built goodbye.

Ray Ampoloquio
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