New Outriders Patch Brings Inventory Wipe Bug Fix

Despite an extensive free demo period, Outriders' launch was less than spectacular.

So far, People Can Fly has done a great job shooting down the bugs (pun intended) that has plagued Outriders since it launched.

After encountering issues with its crossplay feature and servers that crashed more often than they were available, People Can Fly soon found out that players were having issues with an inventory wipe bug that, as the name suggests, wiped player inventories clean of everything and anything in it.

As a temporary fix, People Can Fly advised players to log off the game immediately and reboot the client as soon as they start to see one of their items going missing. Although not ideal, many players appreciate how transparent People Can Fly has been when it comes to fixing issues currently plaguing their looter-shooter.

With that said, players will definitely appreciate People Can Fly even more for finally patching the inventory wipe bug in Outriders.

Latest Patch Adds Inventory Wipe Bug Fix to Outriders

So far, the people over at People Can Fly have worked swiftly to fix any problems with Outriders. From the server issues to the crossplay problems, it hasn't taken People Can Fly too long to provide a fix.

The latest inventory wipe bug fix is no exception. Just days after people started raising awareness about the inventory wipe bug, People Can Fly has released a new patch update. Along with the update is a fix that People Can Fly hopes will resolve the inventory wipe bug once and for all.

The new Outriders patch came simultaneously on all platforms on Thursday, April 15. It introduces a wide slew of fixes to Outriders. The main of which is a solution to the inventory wipe bug.

According to the patch notes, the fix comes in the form of a "three-step inventory safeguarding measure". The addition of this protocol should help prevent inventory wipes going forward. However, while this is a welcome fix, it doesn't address the issue of those whose inventories the bug has already wiped.

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But, worry not, because the Outriders development team assures fans that they are working on restoring a vast majority of lost items and gear as part of their "upcoming Inventory Restoration process".

In addition to fixing the inventory wipe bug, the Outriders team also addressed a known issue with the recent update. In particular, players might find their inventory items missing as a result of a multiplayer connectivity issue. The developers claim that this is a temporary problem that they plan on addressing soon. For now, a quick restart of the game's client should resolve the problem quickly.

With that said, if you're one of those who have actively avoided Outriders because of the inventory wipe bug, this is your time to get back on the proverbial hype train.

Unfortunately, if you were one of those who got hit by the inventory wipe bug, the patch won't help you a lot. As we've already mentioned, People Can Fly is still working on restoring any missing inventory items as of the moment. But, if it's any consolation, the patch notes did include a promise to provide a timeline of when the fix will come.

While we do agree that it's unfortunate that the inventory wipe bug exists at all, you'd have to give People Can Fly props. Nearly everything that could go wrong with Outriders has gone wrong and it hasn't even been available for more than a month yet. The development team could still encounter worse problems down the line. Yet, despite the issues, People Can Fly has maintained an open line of communication with the Outriders community.

Hopefully, the inventory wipe bug does indeed fix the problem. Who knows just how many players have actively avoided getting all the chests in Rift Town so they don't end up losing whatever it is that they loot.

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