People Can Fly Doubles Outriders Legendary Drop Rates In New Patch

Kudos to the people over at People Can Fly. The developers of the looter-shooter Outriders, have handled the game's laundry list of issues fairly well since it was first launched back in April 2021. In their most recent update, PCF has squished yet more bugs after rolling out a new patch that also increases the game's legendary drop rates by a whopping 100%.

It looks like Outriders' Legendary gear woes are coming to an end.

We talked about the latest update in an earlier article when People Can Fly first teased it and now that the update is live, it seems like everyone is a happy camper.

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How Much Better Are The Outriders Legendary Drop Rates Now?

Here's to hoping that all players get blessed with this kind of Legendary loot after the recent Outriders update.

For those that don't know, Legendaries are powerful gear in Outriders signified by their gold names. These are the most powerful items in the game. It stands to reason that they shouldn't be easy to come by. The only problem is that, since April, the drop rates of Legendary gear in Outriders seem infinitesimal to the point of nonexistent.

It's gotten to the point that players on the PC have resorted to using trainers just to have a chance at getting Legendary gear.

The main issue with the low legendary drop rates of Outriders lies in how it's not a live-service game nor a PvP game for that matter.

The developers have no reason to balance and limit the drop rates of the game's most powerful gear outside of just wanting players to grind and pad their playtime. When this artificial playtime padding gets to the point that players could end up spending hundreds of hours in Outriders and still not get every Legendary gear, then there's something fundamentally wrong with how the game is designed.

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Thankfully, the latest Outriders update changes that.

By doubling the drop rate of Legendary gear in Outriders, People Can Fly has effectively solved one of the game's biggest problems. In addition to this, the studio also removed the "level brackets" for the Legendary gear. This means that these powerful gear will now drop for anyone at any level. The developers also set in place a new feature to prevent duplicate Legendary gears by re-rolling duplicate items for a chance to get something new and/or unique.

As a bonus, People Can Fly has improved the luck system in Outriders so that "players should no longer experience very long droughts without a Legendary item dropped during endgame."

Of course, these measures aren't perfect. For one thing, you can still technically get duplicate gear. It's just that the chances of that happening are much lower now. You'll also still want to grind for Legendary gear at higher World Tiers or in Expeditions as gear still scales based on difficulty level. Not to mention, PCF didn't exactly make it clear just how long the "very long droughts" are.

Still, the changes to the Legendary drop rates are long overdue. It's this kind of massive drop rate increase that should incentivize players to keep on playing. It should be more than enough to get completionists grinding again.

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