Outriders Expansion Is Coming, According to People Can Fly

Square Enix, a company that pulled the plug on two DLCs for one of its most successful video games ever in Final Fantasy XV, has been pretty praise-happy with Outriders lately. In fact, since People Can Fly's looter-shooter was released, Square Enix hasn't been shy of complimenting the game. This includes highlighting how each player has amassed more than 3.5 million unique players in its first month alone.

The only thing left for People Can Fly to confirm is that Outriders is not a live-service game.

Perhaps it shouldn't come off as a surprise then that more Outriders content is coming in the future.

Outriders Might Be a Live-Service Game After All

Before anything else, People Can Fly needs to work on fixing Outriders' numerous issues and bugs.

At the moment, Outriders players are still waiting for People Can Fly and Square Enix to bring a series of patches and updates to the game. In the several weeks since it first launched back in April, including on the Xbox Game Pass, Outriders has seen its fair share of stumbles. In particular, a legitimate criticism with its stingy drop rates and a bug that wipes that player inventories clean.

With that said, it seems like an awfully weird time for People Can Fly to start talking about adding more content in the future.

Here's the tweet from the Outriders Twitter account for more context:

Now, this doesn't exactly guarantee anything. After all, People Can Fly still did outright mention before that Outriders is not a live-service game. But, then again, it's not like the developers ruled out future expansions either. However, one thing that People Can Fly did talk about is if expansions did come, they wouldn't come for free. Nor did People Can Fly claim that it specifically comes in the form of new story content or levels.

Basically, what the studio promised was that if Outriders ended up becoming a success, more content could come. If it failed, then Outriders wouldn't have expansions. People Can Fly never did promise an expansion either way.

Considering where Outriders is now, it seems fitting that People Can Fly tease the possibility of future expansions. The only thing that we don't necessarily agree on is talking about it while the game is still pretty much a broken mess. This is especially if People Can Fly introduces a significant expansion to Outriders. But, if it's any consolation, the tweet does tease at something, which is somewhat good news.

Nearly two months into Outrider's launch, the developers have yet to apply a truly meaningful fix outside of the inventory loss bug. Not to mention, Outriders is in dire need of some balance updates and quality of life improvements. Because of how there seems to be a lack of a clear direction for the future of Outriders, a lot of players are already moving on.

If nothing else, we're curious to see where and how Outriders will be once People Can Fly expands on it. Let's just hope that this small announcement doesn't trick People Can Fly into thinking that players have already forgotten the current state of Outriders.

Ray Ampoloquio
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