All Outriders characters have been buffed in new update

The latest update for the grim looter shooter has given everyone a buff in Outriders, and more anti-duplication features are in too.

In the latest patch for Outriders, People Can Fly has addressed another selection of issues that numerous players have been raising complaints about, and is tackling the monstrous task of balancing the game. In this effort, key buffs have been given to all of the classes currently in the game.

Outriders has had a rocky journey since release, but the game's out of the woods - server instability, frequent crashed, save bugs, inventory wiping errors and several gameplay bugs marred the otherwise praised shooter's initial reputation, but the developers have made immense strides in patching it up on the technical side of things.

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Even so, the current patch still contains its own selection of bug fixes, with outstanding examples being a fix for the Pyromancer's Thermal Bomb which had the tendency to lose all charges and go on cooldown if interrupted, which was not intended, and the Trickster's Hunt the Prey no longer flipping your around when aiming down sights. The Trickster's Venator's Knife also has more reliable aiming.

Two armor sets have also received significant bugfixes, which will make their use in harder content much more viable, and might even go as far as shaking up the meta for their respective classes.

The Technomancer's Borealis Monarch Set's main bonus is a 90% damage increase on frozen targets, which previously it simply didn't grant. This has been fixed, and additionally the damage increase is granted on all frozen targets regardless of how they were frozen.

The Devastator's Statue Set didn't quite work like the in-game description stated it should, and frankly didn't quite work at all, so People Can Fly gave it a functional overhaul with a new description. The new description and bonus, "While either Tremor or Golem is active, increase Firepower by 100% and Weapon Life Leech by 100% for you and your teammates", is different by allowing players to maintain it longer than 8 seconds.

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Outriders of every class will be feeling more powerful after this update.

These, however, are not the class buffs which make up the bulk of the update. All classes have received key buffs for specific abilities to make the game more balanced. Outriders was on the harder end of the spectrum as far as looter shooters are concerned ever since launch, by intention, however some balancing in the player's favor was still needed - and don't worry, the game isn't 'easy' now.

Buffed abilities are Feed the Flames, Volcanic Rounds and Ash Blast for the Pyromancer; Borrowed Time, Slow Trap and Time Rift for the Trickster; Pain Launcher, Scrapnel and Cryo Turret for the Technomancer; and Boulderdash, Endless Mass and Reflecting Bullets for the Devastator.

Several universal armor mod and ammo mod buffs have also been introduced, the benefits of which can be enjoyed by all four of the classes in Outriders. While these buffs shouldn't lead to any significant playstyle changes, they will definitely be a welcome bonus.

The developers have also shared a long, but not exhaustive, list of known issues that are being worked on. These range from smaller in-game bugs to overarching stability issues on key platforms, with Google Stadia being the outstanding area of difficulty. Additional patches for Outriders are currently being worked on.

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