Outriders: All 18 Chests In Rift Town

Outriders continues to grow. With a robust demo version and frenetic gameplay, the third-person shooter with RPG elements has shown that it is here to stay. One of the reasons that players are sticking to the game is the looting system, seen mostly in dungeon crawlers.

Ready to find all the chests in Rift Town? Follow my instructions and you won't get lost. Probably.

To help you early on in the game, I will show you how to find all 18 chests in Rift Town so you can get equipped and ready to face the challenges ahead. Once you have enabled the main story quest "Reunion", you can pick up the chests.

Hound's Warehouse

We will start at the beginning and proceed according to the side quests you pick up.

In the Warehouse, open the gate to fulfill the area's objective and look behind you. There will be a chest waiting for you. Then turn around, go down the stairs and turn left. You will be able to see the blue glow in the room ahead. Go back to the center of the map and in the opposite room, you will find the third chest as you enter the second door of the room. Kick it open.

Ruined Outpost

The two chests here are easy to spot, use the area objective as a marker.

When you arrive in Ruined Outpost you will see the area objective "open the door". There is a chest halfway there on the left. Now open the door and keep going. On the right, you should recognize the chest if you are playing with your monitor turned on.

Solar Panels

Three chests for you. The only thing you need to do is ignore the alarming amount of bodies along the way.

The first chest is quite far away. With the area objective in front of you, turn around and follow the trail of bodies as if you were the God of Death strolling in your backyard. Go down the mud, turn right, and take a turn on the next right and get your knees wet. Keep going straight ahead and you will soon find the first chest.

Go back near the area objective, turn left, and climb a small hill to find a chest in the middle of the grass. Finally, crack the door open, go straight in the path and after you go up and down some steps, turn right immediately to find another set of steps. The chest is on the left.

Solar Tower Platform

Go in, look back, get in, take chest, get out.

After killing Gauss, just enter the building below the massive red and gray tower and look to your right, the chest will be right there longing for your kick.

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Hound's Base

Make sure you've got the A Bad Day side quest before attempting to get these chests.

You need to be in the sidequest "A Bad Day". Go a bit further towards the area objective, but enter the door on the right. Use your magic power to turn the camera and you will find the chest in the corner. Leave the building and complete the area objective, go through the gate and go straight ahead until you find the set of stairs. Instead of going up the second one, do a soft left and then a right. You will find the chest inside an alcove. Next, complete the mission and you will easily spot the third chest in Baker's Hideout.

Bunker Hill

Sidequest first, chests later. A reminder never hurts.

Activate the Payback sidequest for these two chests. In Bunker Hill, aim for the area objective and then turn around and enter the friendly dark building. The chest will be glowing like the 4th July sky. Go towards the objective, open the door and you will find the chest by following straight ahead.

Shattered Front

Pay attention to the area and you will easily find the chests. In fact, they are all that simple.

The "Terra Infirma" side quest is required. Just before interacting with the area objective to clear the path, turn around and the chest will be behind you. Now, clear the path with the sheer power of your mind and follow the path. You will see a glowing stone wall at the top of the screen, go towards it and you will find the chest nearby.

River Basin

This one isn’t easier. When you find the darkest room in the game, enter it as if facing the void that is my unholy heart. Joking, I’m a good boy.

You will need the "Historian - Everlasting" side quest for these two chests. Arriving at River Basin, follow the path to the left. When the blue circle appears in front of you, turn left in a completely dark place and follow it until you find the blue light from the chest at the end of the tunnel. Then proceed to fulfill the objective of clearing the path and turn right. If you didn't complete the mission it will be important to survive the ambush because dead people do not open chests. In the middle of the path, you will see a small hill to the left. Climb it to find the chest waiting for you.

And that's it. I hope you drop one legendary item per chest. We know you won't, but dreaming big and dreaming small is just as much work, so dream big.

Murillo Zerbinatto
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