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Step 4: Final Boss Fight


After the launch sequence step is completed, you will get a 9-minute timer. This timer is showing the time until the missile launches. This is also the time in which you must defeat the final boss, Legion.

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At this point, head back to the central hub and use the crafting table to craft a couple of things you absolutely need for this boss fight. By now, your Frenzied Guard must have been charged with killing all the zombies. Use it to slow down the zombies and use the crafting table. It is also a good way of getting your full armor back right before heading into a boss fight.

Get to the crafting table and quickly craft the maximum number of stims (x5) and C4 (x3). Also, buy the Death Machine scorestreak.

After setting everything up, you will find a set of stairs leading up to the surface. Go up, and you will find a door that will take you out to the surface. Interact with the door to open it.

This takes us into the final step of this easter egg, which is defeating the boss, Legion.

Legion Boss Fight

As you enter the boss fight, you should be having the following:

  • Legendary PPSh-14 (PaP Level 3 - SMG Blueprint Tier IV)
  • Stims x5
  • C4 x3
  • Aether Shroud Field Upgarde (Tier V)
  • Death Machine Scorestreak

As soon as you're out, climb the top of the same small building you came out of and change your field upgrade to Aether Shroud.

Wait for the Legion boss to spawn in and start unloading your bullets into its chest. That is the only vulnerable spot you can shoot at to break its armor.

Keep shooting for as long as possible until the zombies start spawning in. Do not stop. Take every chance you get to shoot its chest. Don't worry too much about the zombies in the beginning phase. There's not a lot of them spawning, and it is still fairly easy to ignore and continue to shoot the legion.

As more zombies start to spawn in, start clearing some zombies to charge up your Aether Shroud field upgrade. After charging up the field upgrade, again continue to shoot the Legion.

The most important tip we can give is to remember these high grounds are your friends. Keep climbing up on these small buildings and elevated surfaces to get that window of opportunity to shoot the legion.

These high grounds give you some time as it takes a while for the zombies to climb up, and in that time frame, you can get some shots in to damage the Legion.

Continue shooting the legion and as soon as the armor breaks, rush to the Legion and start focus firing on one of the three exposed orbs. If you do not miss your shots, it will 100% break. If you have your Aether Shroud charged, then activate it before shooting the orb.

Generally, you should activate your Aether Shroud whenever you're shooting the orbs, but in our case, it was not charged for the first orb. But, you should always charge it up and use it for the orbs.

This is specifically the reason why we bring in C4s. Use your C4s to kill hordes of zombies and charge up your Aether Shroud. Aether Shroud charges up really fast, which makes it better than Frenzied Guard, especially in Solo.

As mentioned before, you will notice that when we start shooting the orbs, the critical damage went from around 800 to 2,000. That is the 25% critical bonus at close range, thanks to the SMG weapon blueprint Tier IV. If you upgrade your SMG weapon blueprint up to Tier V, then you can do the same amount of critical damage even at longer distances and not just at close range.

Remember to use your stims whenever you are low on health. Try not to go down for as long as possible. And do not use your Death Machine scorestreak in the beginning phases.

Whenever Manglers spawn, take them out first. Do not take them lightly. If even two of them fire at you, you will lose almost all of your health, especially if you have no armor. Small mistakes in this boss fight are very unforgiving.

Legion has two main power attacks, one of which is a charged attack. The electricity you see on the ground is one of the power attacks. Whenever you see the lightning, just run away from that location. If you're caught in that lightning attack, you will lose a lot of your health and possibly go down.

The second attack is a purple mist that forms around the Legion. You must not stay inside it for too long as it slowly drains your health.

After you break the orb for the second time, the third phase will begin. In this third phase, things are going to heat up. You can expect more zombies and elite zombies to spawn. Remember to always keep moving.

Always keep an eye out on armor drops. Prioritize getting armor drops over anything else.

If the Krasny Soldaty spawns in, make sure you prioritize killing it first. It does a lot of damage with its fire attacks. You can always bring in a Hauer 77 shotgun as your secondary with Shatter Blast ammo mod on it to take Manglers and Krasny Soldat out fairly quickly.

You can use your Death Machine in the last phase to deal some extra damage to the armor before you switch back to your PPSh-14.

Continue to jump on the buildings and damaging the Legion until he finally breaks for the last time. Activate your Aether Shroud and unload every last one of your bullets into the third orb. And before you know it, you would have eliminated one of the hardest bosses in Cold War Zombies.

After defeating the Legion, an ending cutscene will initiate.

Upon completion of this easter egg, you also get a calling card called 'Ravenov Implications'

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you've completed the easter egg. This concludes our Outbreak easter egg guide. Feel free to check out our other zombies guides as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best weapon in Outbreak?

We use the PPSh-41 as our weapon to go against the Legion boss. Another excellent option is the AMP63 dual-wielded pistols. These absolutely shred the Legion boss and zombies in general.

When your AMP63s are pack-a-punched to tier III on legendary rarity, it only takes one and a half clip to destroy a single orb. You can use the following setup for AMP63:

  • Muzzle: Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel: 6.4" Task Force
  • Body: Ember Sighting Point
  • Magazine: Salvo 22 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield


Is it necessary to complete the first Outbreak easter egg to start the second one?

You do not have to finish the first Outbreak easter egg to start the second one. Although the story is in order from the first to the second, you can do either one of the easter eggs whenever you like. To learn more about the easter egg and how to start, you can check out our complete Outbreak part two solo easter egg guide here.

Where is the crashed helicopter in Sanatorium?

The crashed helicopter is part of the second easter egg of Outbreak. You can find it in the southwestern section of the map during Outbreak easter egg part two.

There are certain steps you must complete for the crashed helicopter to spawn. Check out our complete Outbreak easter egg part two guide to learn more.

Where can I find the orbs in Sanatorium?

In general, two types of orbs are found in the Sanatorium. The first type is the general purple orbs you find to earn extra points by following the orb to three different locations. The purple orbs can spawn in all the regions.

The second orb type is the orb that spawns only as part of the Outbreak easter egg part two. This orb type is called Red Aethereal Orb and spawns in three different locations in Sanatorium. Since this orb spawns only during Outbreak easter egg part two, you can only find it in the Sanatorium region.

Can I do Outbreak easter eggs solo?

Yes, you can do both Outbreak easter eggs (part one and two) solo. In fact, our guides for part one and part two are both focused on completing the easter eggs solo.

I’ve completed the radio step, but didn’t get the Beacon Listening Device?

There are two types of Maxis radios. One type is always associated with the Outbreak easter egg, while the other is generally used for points and to collect the music collectibles.

There is a possibility you might have completed the regular points Maxis radio easter egg that has its own spawn locations. The ones that give music collectibles and points are referred to as 'unknown radios.' The Maxis radios mentioned in this guide are the only ones used for this Outbreak easter egg. The other radios are used for points and music collection.

It is also worth noting that there is only one spawn location for the easter egg radios, while the regular radios have three possible spawn locations in each region. Check our complete in-depth guide on all the regular radio locations.

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