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Step 3: Operatsiya Inversiya & Launch Keys

In Ruka, you will get a unique main objective called 'Operatsiya Inversiya.' Once you start this objective, you are at a 'point of no return.'

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You can also hear Maxis speaking to you. Now is your last chance to prepare for the final push before you head at the Missile Silos for the boss fight.

You do have the facilities such as the Pack-A-Punch machine, Arsenal, and a crafting bench, but it gets really hectic down there with zombies constantly spawning and giving you a very hard time. That is why it is highly recommended that you prepare the best you can before heading down to the Missile Silos.

When you reach the objective marker, you will notice an opening in the door leading to an elevator along with several Omega dead bodies around.

When you activate the elevator, your point of no return starts. You will be taken to an underground bunker or facility which is overrun by zombies.

Before doing anything, we highly recommend taking a look around the silo before beginning with the cutscene to get a better idea of the layout, as it can get confusing with hordes of zombies constantly coming at you while doing the easter egg steps.

Each silo area has a facility for you to use and you can remember them using the following:

  • Silo A ('A'rmor)
  • Silo B ('B'ack-a-Punch)
  • Silo D ('D'rinks/Perks)

There's no Silo C as it is inaccessible. All these are always in a small room on the top floor of each silo. The crafting bench is in the central hub connecting all the silos.

Since it is quite difficult to navigate down here, you may follow our path and for better understanding, feel free to check out our video guide as well.

Starting Cutscene

The first thing you do when you reach the bottom is to navigate Silo A and lift the lockdown that initiates a cutscene, after which you can move onto the launch keys step. As soon as you reach the bottom, exit the elevator and go left.

As you go straight, you will enter Silo D. When you enter the silo. You will find a rope to rappel up to. Use it and go up.

When you reach the top, go right, and you will find an opening to your left. Take it to reach the central hub of the silo.

After entering the central hub, stick to your left side, and you will see Silo A directly to your left. Enter Silo A.

As soon as you enter, you will notice a little opening right by the central missile to drop down. Drop down from here.

Once you reach the bottom, you will find an area with various consoles and terminals. One of which in particular will have a 'star' icon saying 'Lift the Lockdown.'

Interact with the indicated terminal to enter a cutscene.

Before you proceed with the keys step, change your field upgrade to Frenzied Guard. You will use this to repair your armor fully in cases of emergency quickly. It can get chaotic down in the silos.

Launch Key 1

You can collect the keys in any order. But, the order we recommend is the most optimized order to get all three keys. Let's begin with the first key, which you can get by charging up an Aetherium Harvesting Unit.

After the cutscene, you will be on the top floor of Silo B. You can identify which silo you're in by just looking around. The letters are all over the place, including the walls and pillars.

You need to jump down to the bottom floor of Silo B.

You will find an aetherium harvesting unit on the bottom floor.

Interact with the unit and wait a couple of seconds for the canister to come out. Do not just stand there as zombies will continue to spawn. Take a quick detour around the silo and come back to check.

Once the canister is out, you need to start collecting aetherium crystal chunks to fill this canister. You can find a bunch of purple crystals all around Silo B on the walls, inside the tunnel, and even the central missile platform.

Break these crystals by shooting at them, and they will drop crystal chunks that you can pick up. These crystals also regrow after breaking them so you can collect the exact amount needed. You need a total of 20 crystal chunks.

After collecting the crystals, head back to the unit and hold your interact button to deposit the crystals.

You do not have to deposit all the crystals at once. You can always deposit the amount you've collected and come back to deposit more after more collection. The harvester states the amount left while depositing.

Remember, as you are depositing the crystals, Tempest also spawns, and regular zombies can still attack you. But, you can also shoot back at them while depositing. Make sure you are holding down the interact button while shooting at the zombies.

Also, remember that during this whole step of collecting and depositing, many zombies will spawn, including elites such as Manglers and Megatons. Make sure you take these elites out first, as they do a ton of damage.

Upon successful deposition of 20 crystals, you need to run away from the location as many zombies will spawn around you. The canister will go back inside for processing. Give it a couple of seconds before it comes back outside. Once it's out, you will be able to pick up the canister.

The canister provides the same visual effect as the one you get when doing the 'retrieve' objective in the Outbreak mode. However, this canister doesn't slow you down, thankfully. You will still be able to sprint. The aetherium field attack of this canister is also mighty powerful.

Now, we will use this canister to get two keys. Yup, that's right. It will help us obtain one of the keys with ease instead of us fighting our way to that key.

First, make your way back to the central hub. Keep in mind. The central hub is now filled with approximately 50+ Mimics. Yeah, it gets intense in here, but that is where our canister field upgrade will help us along with the brain rot ammo mod on our PPSh-14.

When you enter the central hub, you will notice several random objects (fire extinguishers, chairs, plants, etc.) all over the place. Do not stop anywhere near them. Keep running circles around the central hub, and as you get closer to the objects, they will turn into Mimics.

Turn as many Mimics as possible and once you've spawned the maximum you can, make your way to Silo C, and at the end of the corridor, you will find a dead body with your first launch key called 'ICBM Launch Key.'

As soon as you pick up the key, a red chunkier version of the regular Mimic will spawn. This Mimic takes forever to kill with your regular weapons. That is why, as soon as the red Mimic spawns, use your aetherium field upgrade to instantly take it out along with the other Mimics that were following you.

You might have to use a second charge to fully kill the other following Mimics if you weren't close enough to the Mimic horde. But you can spam your PPSh-14 having the brain rot ammo mod on it. The Mimics are weak to brain rot, and they will be instantly taken out.

After clearing all the Mimics, go back to where the red mimic died and collect your ICBM Launch Key.

Do not use all your aetherium field upgrades. You need to have at least one charge, which is critical for the next key.

Launch Key 2

Next up, make your way to Silo D. This is where your last aetherium field upgrade will come in handy.

Upon entering Silo D, go left, and you will find a floating jellyfish. There will also be a set of stairs next to it.

Go up the stairs until you reach the platform with a light blue, glowing grass. When you're here, use your aetherium field upgrade.

You will start floating towards and inside the jellyfish. At this point, stare directly below you and keep pressing your interact button until you pick your second key and replace it with the aetherium canister.

Launch Key 3

The third and final key is the easiest to obtain as soon as you're done grabbing the key from the jellyfish. Use the rope to rappel back up to the top platform and make your way back to Silo A.

When in Silo A, jump down to the bottom floor of the silo and look for a circular tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel, you will find an essence trap with a banana image on it. Grab the trap and get out of the tunnel.

Remember to be quick about it and only enter if you have a good window of opportunity. You can easily get cornered here by the zombies. You can always use your Frenzied Guard to slow down the zombies when entering the tunnel.

Once you have the trap, look around Silo A for a ghostly apparition of a monkey. You will find the monkey in the vents only around Silo A. You can also hear the monkey to pinpoint its exact location.

When you find the monkey, throw the trap near the monkey and just run away. Do not get close to the monkey, or it will teleport to another vent.

Assuming you've enabled your subtitles, keep an eye out for them. Wait for it to say that the target is in range. That is when you will double-tap your interact button to trap the monkey.

Also, make sure you throw the trap someplace that is relatively easier to access. Sometimes people throw it too high, which leads to them parachuting down to the trap from the top floor.

When it says the target is captured, go to the trap, and you will be able to collect the third key.

Launch Sequence

The final step in the bunker is to start the launch sequence using these keys. In all the silo top floors except silo C, as it is inaccessible, there is a console you can interact with. You will always have to interact with the console in silos A, B, and D.

You have to put the launch keys in each one of these consoles to launch the missiles. The launch sequence is timed. Once you insert the first key, you will have a total of thirty seconds to insert the other two keys. This is why the Stamin-Up perk is crucial, especially if you're doing this solo. The order is always random, but you can determine the order before you begin the launch sequence. When you interact with the correct console in the intended order, you get a launch initiated message pop up. Otherwise, it says it failed.

You can determine the order by looking at the light bars on the console where you put the key in. There will be three lights, one of which will be green, and the rest will be red. This shows the order of that console in that silo.

In our case, Silo A, the first light was green, indicating the console in Silo A is first in the order.

The console in D has the second light green indicating D is second in order. Remember, you can check all these lights before starting the launch sequence.

When you know the order of two of the silos, the third silo order is self-explanatory. The last one would be the console in Silo B as Silo C is not accessible anyway. This gives us our order, ADB. Once again, remember, this order is always random.

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