Oppenheimer is set to break a weird box office record

Oppenheimer is set to overtake Sing as the highest-grossing film at the domestic box office to never top the chart.

In another world, Oppenheimer would be the number one film at the box office both internationally and domestically.

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer is one of the best and most successful films this year. Just ask Robert Downey Jr., who called it the best film of his long and successful career.

It has proven to be a huge commercial success - when it premiered last month, it combined with Barbie for the fourth-biggest weekend in domestic box office history. It is also a critical success and, at some point, was the highest-rated Nolan film ever.

Now, Oppenheimer is about to break another record, albeit a weird one. In the coming days, the biopic will become the highest-grossing film in North America to never top the domestic box office chart.

Currently, Oppenheimer ranks second at the domestic box office and has grossed $270 million since its debut. Often, a film that make this much top the domestic box office at some point during their run. But then, Oppenheimer has been unable to achieve this feat.

The reason for this is the current number one movie Barbie, which has sat atop the domestic box office rankings. Within that period, it has grossed $541.9 million domestically, which is more than double Oppenheimer's gross.

Barbie's chokehold on the box office charts is all well and good, but for the fact that it doesn't seem ready to vacate the position anytime soon. Because of this, Oppenheimer might never get a chance to top the box office charts, whether domestic or international, until the end of its run.

Oppenheimer's new record formerly belonged to the animated musical feature, Sing. The 2016 film grossed a total of $270.3 million during its theatrical run but was kept from the top spot of the domestic box office by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and then Hidden Figures.

Oppenheimer replaces Sing as the highest-grossing film at the domestic box office that never topped the chart in the region.

Oppenheimer hasn't quite beaten Sing's domestic gross - it still has about $300,000 to go - but there is absolutely no doubt it will surpass it.

The film remains popular with audiences and, according to the film industry data website The Numbers, grossed $18 million at the domestic box office last weekend. Because of this, we expect it to comfortably beat Sing's domestic box office gross by this weekend.

In further prove of Oppenheimer's popularity, the biopic's IMAX 70mm run was recently extended due to the demand. Now, audiences can watch Oppenheimer in this format until the end of August, at the very least.

By the way, Oppenheimer producer Charles Roven has confirmed there are plans to make an Uncharted sequel, which he also produced.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the veteran producer said, "The fans really liked the movie, and people who didn't know anything about the game really liked the movie. So we are definitely looking to make another one of those."

Oppenheimer is still blitzing through theaters across the world.

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  1. I thing the only thing that hurt this movie was the length. It should have been a standard 80 minutes movie.

  2. I still know people who are going to see it. It has a good rewatch value and I think that is what is helping it with sales. It isn't like Barbie where you see it and just forget it.

  3. I went with grandfather to watch this. He is not a big movie guy but history movies always attracted him. We both loved it.

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