Operator Skins Guide - Black Ops Cold War, Warzone & Modern Warfare

Operator Skins Guide

This guide contains Operators from both Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops Cold War as seen in Warzone. If you would like to see the Operators in Black Ops Cold War only, then feel free to check out our dedicated (and more detailed) guide here. For Vanguard operators please refer to our dedicated Vanguard operators guide here.

Both Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and its battle royale component, Warzone, offer a range of customization options from gun camos to player cosmetics. The player cosmetics are called Operators. Each Operator skin comes with a different character model, unique dialogues, and finishing moves (more on that below).

Note that these cosmetics are purely for decorative / visual purposes, and often bragging rights! They do not give any added advantage during your gameplay. Before the release of Black Ops Cold War (i.e. Warzone within the 2019 version of Modern Warfare), there were two main factions in the game, the Coalition, and the Allegiance. Both factions included a variety of Operators to choose from and you could choose any one of the factions to play with.

You can still play with whichever Operator you choose, but the Factions are now removed from Warzone since it is now a standalone game, separate from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. The Operators no longer have different categories - they have all been placed within a single Operators menu.

You can choose Operators from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. They are clearly labeled in the Operator selection menu as you can see below.

In the regular Multiplayer version of the game (i.e. Modern Warfare), choosing a faction will increase your chances of being put into that particular faction when a match starts, such as Ground War. However, it is not the same in Warzone, and choosing a faction is irrelevant since everyone has different skins. Remember, the use of these operators are just for aesthetic purposes.

There are two main types of skins - Mil-Sim which are the default real-world inspired Operator skins (i.e. military simulator) and in-game character skins.

Unlocking Operators

Those who own the full version of the game (i.e. Modern Warfare) have the exclusive advantage of some Operators being completely free since they are unlocked by completing certain Campaign Missions and Co-Op missions.

Warzone players have a number of different options to unlock operators though. You can: (1) acquire Operator skins through the in-game Store; (2) complete Battle Pass challenges; or (3) acquire additional skins for Operators which will automatically unlock the base version of the Operator. You can acquire a skin by obtaining a skin variant of any one of the Operators through Battle Pass (that is, if there is any skin variant available on one of the tiers).

For example, the Mara Operator was available upon purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass. However, since Season 1 is finished, Warzone players can easily get it now by buying Battle Pass Season 3 and upgrading to tier level 90 in order to acquire a Death Dealer Rare Mara Skin. Obtaining this skin will automatically unlock the Mara Operator as well. So we think it's safe to say that Warzone-only players are not missing out on any of the Operators, as long as they are able to acquire a skin for an Operator.

Unlocking Operators through doing certain Co-Op challenges and campaign missions is only possible for those who own the full version of the game, Modern Warfare, but as stated above, free Warzone players can always acquire a skin to unlock those Operators.

Those who own Black Ops Cold War will also be able to use their Operators in Warzone. You must first unlock the Operators in Black Ops Cold War.

Mil-Sim Operators

Modern Warfare


This Operator is available by default.


The USEF Mil-Sim has three skin variants (USEF I,II & III). USEF I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 3 Tier Level 10.


The SKSF Mil-Sim has three skin variants (SKSF I,II & III). SKSF I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 3 Tier Level 30.


The Pararescue Mil-Sim has three skin variants (Pararescue I,II & III). Pararescue I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 3 Tier Level 50.


The CTSFO Mil-Sim has three skin variants (CTSFO I,II & III). CTSFO I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 3 Tier Level 70.

USMC Raider

The USMC Raider Mil-Sim has three skin variants (USMC Raider I,II & III). USMC Raider I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 4 Tier Level 30.


The Lagunari Mil-Sim has three skin variants (Lagunari I,II & III). Lagunari I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 4 Tier Level 50.


The JTF2 Mil-Sim has two skin variants (JTF2 I & II). JTF2 I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 5 Tier Level 40.

Shadow Company

The Shadow Company Mil-Sim has three skin variants (Shadow Company I, II & III). Shadow Company I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 5 Tier Level 19.

Urzikstan SSG

The Urzikstan SSG Mil-Sim has three skin variants (Urzikstan SSG I,II & III). Urzikstan SSG I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 4 Tier Level 10.

Russian FGF

The Russian FGF Mil-Sim has three skin variants (Russian FGF I,II & III). Russian FGF I unlocks at Battle Pass Season 4 Tier Level 70.

Default 2

Black Ops Cold War


Available by default if you've purchased Black Ops Cold War.


Available by default if you've purchased Black Ops Cold War.

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  1. Well Acquiring another skin for that Operator doesn’t make you have the base skin.Because I have the UDT Ghost skin but having this skin didn’t give me the Ghost skin that was in the season 2 battle pass

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thanks for your comment. As per our knowledge, if you acquire any skin through Battle Pass associated with any operator, that particular operator is unlocked for you along with the skin which you might have acquired through Battle Pass tier ranking. In addition to that, you can also buy bundles in order to unlock an operator along with the skin available within that bundle.

    2. I have read this many other places, so I bought the Sidewinder Alex skin thinking I'd unlock his base one (the one I really wanted and had no other way to obtain being a latecomer to MW). It did not unlock the base skin.

      Bought a Ghost skin later. Can confirm that that one didn't unlock the base skin, either.

      Same with Mara.

    3. Hi, that is correct! The Base Skin of the Operator is not unlocked. Only the Operator and the skin associated with the challenge/bundle/reward are unlocked!

      Most of the skins or base skins are season exclusive, so if you miss some, there is no way of getting them, unfortunately.

    1. Hi Ahmed, thanks for your comment. To unlock Kreuger, you must perform these in the regular multiplayer version of the game, which means that you need to have the game bought. Or you can get skin through Battle Pass tier progression if you have that bought in just Warzone.

      Another alternative if you haven't bought the game is to wait for free to play multiplayer. Whenever that rolls out, and you can play the multiplayer version (it is for a limited time only), then you can go ahead and perform these 25 finishing moves in that. If you are not able to do that within the free to play multiplayer period, do not worry as the progress carries on, and you may continue to do the same whenever another free multiplayer is available. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi, the pack of Ronin is not available anymore at the store, just when i've decided to buy it... Can I buy in other way?

    1. Hi Jair, unfortunately, they've removed the Ronin Operator Bundle pack from the store for now. But, we expect them to have him back up in the store soon or at least include him in the next battle pass season.

    2. Hi Jair, you're welcome and if you didn't know already the Ronin Operator Bundle is now back up in store and available to purchase!

    3. Hi Walker!

      Unfortunately, no. You won't be able to get the old Operator skins from the previous Battle Pass as they were Season exclusive.

    4. So’ that means there is no way to get the “Jawbone” Ghost skin that came out in the last season anymore?I mean the version in season 2 not another ghost skin

    5. Hi Ali, that's correct. You won't be able to get the "Jawbone" skin anymore unless they decide to include it in the future operator bundle or season.

      If you do not unlock the operator skin within the season, it is meant to be unlocked in, then it just stays there, and it is greyed out.

  3. I really want to buy the black forest skin for golem, but i don't have the full version of the game and it doesn't say : ' the operator skin included will also unlock the operator.' Will I still be able to use this skin/operator?

    1. Hi Mick, thanks for your comment. Yes, you will have the operator unlocked along with the skin in the pack. You don't have to worry about not owning the full version of the game. Good luck!

  4. ciao,volevo chiederti una cosa:ma se una personaggio si può acquisire solo da un bundle si sbloccherà solo la variante del bundle,perché non mi risulta che nikto abbia altre skin oltre quella che sblocchi nel bundle in poche parole avrai altre di base del personaggio skin per nikto rodion mace talon e iskra se acquisti il loro bundle?
    perché avrei intenzione per il mio compleanno di acquistare il bundle di nikto

    1. Hi Cosimo, I'm assuming you've asked whether or not you will be able to unlock other skins for the operator if you buy a bundle with a particular skin in it for that specific operator?

      To answer your question, you will only unlock the skin in that bundle and not the other skins. If you buy Iskra bundle then Iskra operator will be unlocked with the skin in that bundle. I hope this answered your question.

    2. So, who is the classic ghost operator skin ?? It's similar to the jawbone or mandible ? I don't really know how it is. Cause I think that the basic ghost operator skin was the jawbone

    3. Hi Jose, the "Classic" skin and the "Jawbone" skin both are different skins for Ghost Operator. Whatever bundle you buy, you will get the skin that is in that bundle only.

      If Ghost Operator is not unlocked for you yet, then it will be unlocked along with whatever skin is present in the bundle that you buy. I hope it clears your confusion!

      Also, I think what you're referring to is the first skin, which was introduced with the introduction of the operator itself. If it was in the previous season, then you won't be able to get that skin now since some of these skins are only season-specific and should be obtained within that season.

    4. Are the operator missions only unlockable thru modern warfare and not in warzone?

    5. Hi Edward, that's correct. The missions are only available in the full version of Modern Warfare for majority of the operators.
      But there are some exceptions if you've bought a battle pass. In case you unlock an operator through the battle pass, you may get challenges for different variants of that specific skin that you may be able to do in Warzone as well.
      For instance, you can read my response to William where those challenges can be done even in Warzone. One of the challenges, for example, is to call in a UAV 3 times, you can call that in any Warzone match or even in Multiplayer if you have the full version of the game.

  5. Hello Hassan,with the new update that came out today there is a new ghost skin bundle and it gives a skin called “Classic ghost”.Do you think that I may get the base skin of ghost called “Jawbone” when I get the new ghost skin bundle

    1. Hi Ali, unfortunately, no since the bundle does not include Jawbone skin. When we say that buying a bundle unlocks the base skin, we are actually talking about the Operator unlocking itself. So it will unlock Ghost operator with the Classic Ghost skin included in the bundle. Hope this helped!

  6. Hey bro, so that means if today they launch the new ghost contingency bundle in the store. If I buy it, I would get the jawbone ghost of season 2 ?

    1. Hi Jose, thanks for your comment. And no, since the bundle does not include Jawbone operator skin you won't be able to unlock it. You can only unlock Ghost operator with the Classic Skin available in the bundle.

  7. Been trying to unlock the consecutive CTSFO II and III skins. For III skin, it says to complete 1 match using that mil-sim as my coalition operator... I have easily completed over 10 matches using him. Nothing. Not unlocked. For number II it says to call in a UAV 4 times to unlock. I have... multiple times. Nothing. No unlocks at all. WTF is going on?

    1. Hi William, there are a total of 4 challenges that you need to complete to unlock these two Operators successfully. I know when you hover over these Operator names, you see their particular challenges, but there are 4 challenges.

      When you hover over CTSFO II or III, you can go to "View Mission Details" screen where you can see all the challenges you need to complete in the proper order to unlock the Operators.

      The challenges (or objectives) in order are:
      1 - Get 3 Hipfire kills while using Mil-Sim as your Coalition Operator

      2 - Call in a UAV 4 times while using Mil-Sim as your Coalition Operator

      3 - Get 3 Point Blank kills while using Mil-Sim as your Coalition Operator.

      4 - Complete 1 match using Mil-Sim as your Coalition Operator.

      Note that you need to complete these in the order shown. The game won't register your UAVs used if you haven't completed the first challenge where you need to get 3 Hipfire kills. I hope this helps!

  8. Hey bro, im trying to complete the S3 battle pass Rodion challenges but the 3/4 (purchase armor bundle 2 times in warzone) is stucked and does not count, its still 0/2... Heard a lot of tips like try w/ this skin or try w/ that weapon, tried each and every one of them but still nothing. Theoretically the last update fixed this challenge according to the official website but I still cannot complete it. Any method that works? Would be greatful for your help. Thx

    1. Hi JardoHUN, I believe for this one to be registered you need to buy the armor bundle and then use two plates from that purchased bundle in the game while you are having the "Burger Town" Rodeion skin on. And make sure you do not exit the game and complete it. Either win or just when you die. I Hope this helps!

    2. Hey Hassan, so I've tried this challenge with the "Burger Town" skin, purchased the armor bundle and used 2 plates(I used a Molotov to bring down the 2 plates you land with). In the same game life Also got into a gunfight with a squad that wiped all my armor, I went ahead and purchased a 2nd armor bundle again, used the purchased plates with no progression showing once the game finished.
      I as the previous post says, have tried everything but nothing works. Any suggestions on what else may work?
      Thank you for your help in advanced.

    3. Hi Norm, so I looked into this a bit more, and it seems this challenge has been bugged. For some people, it is registering the armor while the others are struggling.

      I can suggest one more solution, which I hope will help you. Try to buy Armor Box (2 Armor Boxes) from the Buy Station instead of the Armor Bundle and then try to complete this challenge. While, of course, making sure you are using the "Burger Town" skin and playing in BR (not Plunder). Do let us know how it goes for you!

  9. Hey, why do some people spawn in as cool looking normal soldiers that don't exist in the operator menu, for example, I saw some players look like the normal soldier you see in campaign, or the other guy looking like Russian special forces. It's not the milsim skins though. How do I unlock these guys?

    1. Hi Shomajn, thanks for your comment. I am not exactly sure because all the operators that you see are in the game. However, the different skin variants are available in the game, which gives an entirely different look to your operator, which could be the reason for a completely different looking skin.

  10. Hey there! So I really want the Talon basic skin but it seems like the only way to get it by buying the bundle. Fortunately a skin of him has been realeased along the season 4 battle pass. I leveled ud and obtained the skin but it seems like the basic skin of Talon didn't unlock. Is there any way to get it?

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. I am assuming by basic skin you mean the "Scarecrow" skin for Talon. Unfortunately, that skin is only obtainable by buying the "Talon Operator Bundle" from the in-game store.

      When you level up in a battle pass and unlock a skin for an operator, only that specific skin unlocks along with the operator, of course.

    2. Hello, I’ve been trying to unlock the yegor skin with the hope of unlocking his superstar variant ( the red tracksuit). However after unlocking yegor I found there was no place where i could complete the challenges in order to unlock this variant. Do you know if i can still unlock it in season 4?

    3. Hi Bosco, thanks for your comment!
      The Superstar skin for Yegor was a Season 2 exclusive skin. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get it now unless they decide to add it to the Battle Pass or in-game store in the future.

    4. If I missed out on maras death dealer outfit bc I didnt make it that high in last seasons battle pass, is there any way for me to unlock that outfit or is it just never gonna happen now?

    5. Hi Justin. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get it now since it was a Season 3 Battle Pass exclusive skin. The only other way to get it now is if they decide to add it into an Operator Bundle or next Battle Pass.

    1. Hi Pin2Win, Unfortunately, if you didn't unlock it in Season 3 by reaching tier 70 in the Battle Pass, then you've missed out on the skin since it was a Season 3 exclusive skin. There's no other way to get that skin as of now.

    1. Hey George, thanks for your comment! I'm assuming you're asking about Valor Thorne skin, which was in the Battle Pass? Unfortunately, you won't be able to get it now because it was a Season 3 exclusive skin, which was obtainable only in that Season Battle Pass.

    2. Hi, I have neither MW or Black Ops but I only play Warzone. Why when I unlocked a skin for García because of playstation+ reward I can only play with that operator’s skin whereas previously when I unlocked a skin for both Otter, Zane and Rodion through the PS+ rewards it unlocked all their base skins ? Similarly with the Domino when finishing the « tutorial »

    3. Hi yessmassiv, probably because the Zane and Rodion skins that were unlocked as PS+ rewards were the base operator skins. And this time, maybe only the skin for Garcia was available as a reward.

  11. Hi,
    I've completed the Battlepass to 100 and got the skins. But few skins have variants that are acquired by completing the missions. Can I even complete the missions after the season is over or does the missions have to be completed during the season?

    1. Hi Kaycee, If you've unlocked the main skin during the Season, then you will be able to complete the variant challenges even after the Season ends!

  12. Hi Hassan, if you unlock a set of skins and operators in the battlepass but decide to hold off on doing the challenges for that season’s variants of the operator skin, when the next season rolls around do you lose the chance to do those challenges and acquire those variants of the operator?

    1. Hi KingKomodo, yes, you will still get the chance to unlock the variants of that particular skin as long as you've unlocked it in that season in the first place.

  13. Hi Hassan, if you unlock a set of skins and operators in the battlepass but decide to hold off on doing the challenges for that season’s variants of the operator skin, when the next season rolls around do you lose the chance to do those challenges and acquire those variants of the operator?

    1. Hi Rostom, when you buy a skin for a weapon, it will behave just like a regular camo. You can customize it by adding stickers and charms yes, just like any other camo!

  14. Hello,
    please.. how can i get the operator Ghost.. and posible get him with skin from BattlePass2 (same like on picture here!!) not skin from ingame-store (from: MW2 remastered skin). Thank you for answer and good luck with hunt in WarZone!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. You can buy an Operator Bundle from the in-game store and whatever skin is available there will be acquired. Unfortunately, you won't be able to acquire the Season 2 Battle Pass skin as it was exclusive to that Season only. If you were not able to get it in that Season then there is no way of getting it. Unless of course, they decide to include it in the future Seasons/Battle Pass. Good luck!

  15. Hi! I completed the S1 battlepass but for some reason my Mara S1 skin isn’t available now? Is this a big or there a way to get support on what happened?

    1. Hi Leila. That sounds strange. What exactly is it showing? Is the whole Operator not showing up or just that one skin?

  16. Hi Hassan, i haven`t bought the game but i was trying to get the addditional skins for the available operators that come with the free game. Seeems like i cannot do the missions, like have that character equipped and do 10 smg kills lets say for the first mission or so :(. How can i unlock them ? Regards,

    1. Hey Alex, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, if you haven't bought the full version of the game, then some of these missions are not doable.

      But, you will be able to do the missions that come with the Operators in the Battle Pass if you have bought the pass and unlocked that Operator through that!

      Hope I was clear. Good luck!

  17. Hi,
    i'm trying to unlock the last wyatt skin season 5 (the red on) .
    the description said: "activate 5 killstreaks with Wyatt"
    i did it in Warzone and Multiplayer but the skin didnt unluck.

    Do i need specific Killstreaks to unluck or can i pick random ones?

    1. Hi Marius, thanks for your comment. Many players are experiencing the same issue and reportedly it is a bug. We will have to hope for IW to fix it soon.

      I haven't reached that challenge yet but I will be sure to update you if it works for me and how.

  18. I can't complete Domino's mission to use Dead Silence Field Upgrade 3 times. I've used it countless times with her selected in Plunder mode, but it doesn't complete the mission. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hey Poncho, make sure you open the challenges by going to the operator menu as it is possible that there is another challenge you might have to complete just before the Dead Silence mission. Good luck!

    2. Hi Poncho, writing back regarding Domino's challenge. You have to reach tier 40 to first unlock that variant of Domino since the challenge is associated with the new Domino skin found in the Battle Pass. Cheers!

  19. Hey quick question you might know - It's now season 6, i have operator missions that I never completed previously. Can I still complete them or are they locked? Some appear to still be able to be completed and others i can't make progress on. It may be because I didn't buy the battle pass the first few seasons and those missions are from those seasons, but I'm not certain. If anyone knows how this works i would appreciate it!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment. Yes, you can still complete the challenges as long as you have unlocked the Operator skin through Battle Pass in the previous Season. For instance, if there is any Operator skin that you have unlocked in the previous season's battle pass then the variant missions will be available even after it ends. Hope this answered your question!

  20. Am I able to get the other ghost skins like for example if I didn’t got the season 2 battle pass am I still can play the objectives for ghost ? I just want to the ghost (dark vision)

    1. Hi Ahmed, unfortunately, you won't be able to get the skin if you haven't unlocked it in the Season 2 Battle Pass unless they add it in the store or in the future battle pass (which is highly unlikely)

    2. hey i don't own modern warefare but I bought season 6 battlepass. it unlocked some characters for me for like Wyatt but when I go to unlock his Mendota it says complete battle pass mission but the missions are locked?

  21. So I updated warzone after months of not playing..when I did it took me into season 6. But its not letting me unlock lerch..or do his missions for skins. There is no pack to unlock him when I hover over his character..it just says buy battle pass 5 or unlock skin but I can't unlock skins for him unless I use him. So can I never unlock him for now?

  22. The Operator Challenge 1 for Grinch is not working for me (XBox One). It requires Aiming Down the Sights, but never records any of my kills. Is this no longer functional? Or, is there some hidden prerequisite thing I must do to get it working? Makes no sense.

  23. hello. I only started playing warzone season 6. Is it still possible to get the Rook or Murk roze skin? i bought the Roze bundle but there is no operator mission for her when i click Roze in Operators. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Alex, unfortunately no. It was a Season 5 Battle Pass exclusive skin only available at Tier 100 for those who bought the battle pass. There is no way of getting it as of now.

    1. Hi Anatoliy, unfortunately, you won't be able to acquire that skin now. It was a Season 5 Battle Pass exclusive Mil-Sim skin. You could unlock it only during Season 5 by reaching tier level 19 of the Battle Pass, that also, if you would have bought the pass.

    1. Hi Sloane, thanks for your comment. I think you are referring to the extra Mil-Sim skins? Do you have the default Mil-Sim skins, or are they not showing up for you as well? Because if you are talking about the extra mil-sim skins, the majority of them are found in battle passes and only a handful of them are free.

      The list might not show up, as you might not have unlocked them by leveling up your Battle Pass. You must level up for the base Mil-Sim skin to unlock, and then you can unlock the variants by doing challenges. But, if the season has already ended and you didn't unlock the base Mil-Sim skin, then you won't be able to acquire them.

  24. My operator skin is stuck on mil-sim. Even though I picked a different one it still show the default skin, even in-game. How to fix this bug?

  25. Hi, i recently purchased the Ghost grim reaper pack on Call of Duty. And i saw that i didnt have ghost and the finishers tab was locked. But when i got into a game i could use his finisher. So it was going perfectly fine. But, i recently purchased the battle pass and when i did i unlocked another finisher, and for some reason it automatically put it on Ghost, and now i cannot use the original finisher that i had, is therr a way for me to get his other execution back?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Okay, I have a question - did you have the Ghost Operator unlocked before buying the Grim Reaper Bundle? Also, about your finishing move. I'm pretty sure that no finishing move comes with the Grim Reaper Bundle. And if the finishing move tab was locked for you, then that's because you either didn't have the operator unlocked before or the finishing move for it.

      If you're talking about unlocking the original finisher, then I believe you won't be able to unlock it since that was a Season 2 exclusive finisher that came with the host Operator skin unlocked by purchasing Season 2 battle pass.

      That is why when you purchased another Ghost bundle, the finishing move that came with, it was applied to the Ghost operator by default. I hope this helps clarify your doubts.

    2. No, i did not have ghost before i bought the Grim Reaper pack. So this means i cannot use his original finisher unless i have the original ghost skin?

    3. Oh, unfortunately, that's correct. You wouldn't be able to have that finisher unless you had the original ghost skin.

  26. I have MW2, and the free warzone, didnt buy BO, but i bought season 1 battle pass....Now i unlocked 2 new BO skins with missions...turns out i cant do those missions, while it's 1 win as a prisoner which i did now for a couple of times, it will not unlock to mission 2

    1. I was wondering because I am on the raines mission. Fthis was just days ago and it allowed me to get to 4/4 season 6. As soon as I got to the last mission. It stopped allowing me to complete it?Anything I should do to complete it? Its just weird because it was literally just letting me finish these last few and boom its stopped two days ago.

    2. Hi Yamil, actually that shouldn't have happened. If it was tracking fine, then it should continue to do so. Also, can you please tell me which Raine's skin was it?

  27. So I've bought the battle pass at the beginning of the season and I have completed it already, yet the missions of all operators from the battle pass are locked, I can't unlock additional skins ,emblems or calling cards. For example "Release Agent - Objective 4" is locked, shouldn't it be unlocked when you get the battle pass? Is this a bug ? And is there anything I can do to unlock them?

    1. Hi Niki, from what I know - "Release Agent - Objective 4" has four challenge missions that you must complete to unlock the skin.

      1 - In Warzone, win 1 one-on-one fight as a Prisoner.
      2 - Eliminate 10 enemies that are affected by your Gas Mine or Gas Grenade.
      3 - Get 25 Eliminations while using the Tactical Mask or Battle Hardened perks.
      4 - In Warzone, complete 3 Most Wanted Contracts.

      Make sure you are doing them in the order listed above as the following challenge only unlocks after completing the previous one.

      If it still doesn't track it for you, then it is bugged, as a lot of people have been experiencing this with the "Release Agent - Objective 4."

  28. Hi, i wanted to thank you. This is the only useful guide i found on the net, so, i really appreciate it.
    I am not able to unlock the "recolored" skins for Woods. I do not owe the BOCW game nor the MW one, but i bought the season 1 battle pass and i got Woods unlocked. Now i can see there are missions to unlock the reskin (for example the one where i should win 1 gulag) but they don't proceed.
    Any tips?

    1. Hi Sunsubiro. Appreciate your kind words. There is no reason for it to not progress through the objectives. Make sure you are using Woods as your Operator when doing these objectives. You will be able to unlock all the different colors and skins as long as the objectives are tied to Warzone. If there is any challenge pertaining to BOCW, then, unfortunately, you won't be able to get those skin colors. Good luck!

    1. Hi Talha. The Urzikstan SSG operator is still in the game under Mil-Sim operators. However, the operator skin was a Season 4 Battle Pass exclusive skin. If you haven't unlocked the skin during season 4 by leveling up your battle pass, you won't be able to get the skin now, unfortunately.

  29. I was wondering if they are ever going to add the all black rose skin. i have been trying to figure out a way to do it, and unfortunately there is not way, unless i had the season pass back in a previous season. will they add it to the store?

    1. Hi Devon. Unfortunately, the all-black Roze skin was a Season 5 exclusive skin. You won't be able to get it unless they add it to the store.

      We do not actually know when or if they will make the operator skin available in the store again. Just need to keep an eye out.

  30. ive exfil and killed over 200 zombies with pack a punch weapons but dont get any progress with the operators with those missions. btw im only playing this in free weekend access, i was wondering if is it even possible to obtain or unlock these operators with just a trial/free access weekend.

    1. Hi Sean!

      I believe you won't be able to get access to the premium operators via free access week unless they've been added as an exclusive battle pass tier reward and you've bought the battle pass.

    2. Hello I was late to warzone and I’m trying to purchase the Texas chainsaw massacre skin but it’s not in the store, but if I check my weapons and armory various different bundles are there besides the one that I need what do I have to do just wait?

    3. Hi Jhon! It was added as part of the Halloween event, but it should be available in the store. If it is not there yet, you might need to wait for it to be available back in the store.

  31. So the Adler Base Jumper skin says " Leave no trail" does that mean when I jump from the warzone plane my character doesn't leave a smoke trail?

    1. Hi Logan, unfortunately, that is not the case. It is just a name and no in-game effect!

    2. Is there any way to acquire D-Day’s Home on the Range Skin? The Police Vest with the Straw hat ? I’ve saw it during Multiplayer and like it.
      Thanks Buddy

    3. Hi Casey!

      Unfortunately, that was a Season 3 Battle Pass exclusive skin. If you have unlocked the base variant of the same from the Battle Pass called 'Quick Draw,' you should have the challenges available to unlock the 'Home on the Range' skin. But, if you haven't purchased the Battle Pass during Season 3 and didn't get a chance to unlock the 'Quick Draw' skin at the time, then you won't be able to get it now unless they decide to put it up on the store in the form of a bundle.

    1. Hi Uriel!

      Which professional skin are you talking about? Can you please elaborate?

  32. Hey, are there still operator challenges for the base MW characters? (Yegor, Grinch, etc.) I can't find them anywhere. Were they taken out?

  33. If you don’t have the original skin can you still get other skins for that operator, for example if I bought the pit viper Naga skin but don’t have the original can I still do missions for other skins like the ashen scale skin

    1. Hi!

      Yes, absolutely. As long as that skin is a variant of one of the unlocked skin, you can complete the skin challenges and unlock them. Ashen Scale is a white variant of the Viper skin. This means you can complete the challenges and unlock this skin.

  34. I own the Sparks High Altitude skin for the Sparks operator, Can I unlock the base skin without spending more money?

    1. Hi Jordan!

      Unfortunately, the base skin won't unlock as it is part of an Operator Bundle.

  35. Does anyone know how to fix not having operator challenges for modern warfare operators? Cuz I lost the challenges for them right when Cold War got integrated and I haven’t had them since, I’ve done a few for ghost because for some reason they don’t show up but still work but it’s not like that for the rest of the operators. Does anybody know why?

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