How to Unlock and Open Bunker 11

Easter eggs are a consistent feature in all Call Of Duty titles and with the release of the May 18 update for Call of Duty: Warzone, we can now open various bunkers that are scatted throughout the map using either a Red Access Card, or by completing an easter egg.

Bunker Door Opened

This guide will show you through the entire process and how you can go about opening up Bunker 11 in particular, step by step.

Bunker 11 is the most versatile bunker among the 11 bunkers you can access in Warzone as it includes several different items that do not exist in the others, such as a timer, a nuclear warhead(!), and other objects that are interactable. We cover everything in this guide.

Video Walkthrough


Before proceeding with the easter egg, you need to become familiar with several concepts that we fully explain in our guide below. They are:

  1. The locations of all the phones located across the Verdansk map
  2. Numbering in Russian
  3. Numbering in morse code format

These are important as the phones help us solve the easter egg, which in turn helps us access Bunker 11.

Message Phones

There are several phones spread across Verdansk, but only a few give you a message in Russian with some code in it. This code is basically the order in which you need to interact with the rest of the phones. The rest of the phones correspond to different numbers in morse code - more on that below.

The message can be in any one of the five phones shown on the map, and to recognize the correct phone, you need to hear it ringing. If the phone is not ringing, then that is not the right phone.

If you interact with a non-ringing phone, then you will simply hear a "beep", and nothing will happen. Note that the phones randomize in every match you play, and so does the code.

If you interact with a ringing phone, then the follow occurs in this order:

  1. A Russian message is played
  2. You hear a "jingle" sound
  3. A code is said, but in Russian
  4. You hear another "jingle" sound

Message Phones Locations

Message Phone 1

Message Phone 2

Message Phone 3

Message Phone 4

Message Phone 5

Russian Numbers

You need to learn Russian numbers from 0 to 9 as the code always contains a set of numbers, between 0 - 9 only. The Russian numbers are as follows:

Numbers (English) Numbers (Russian)
0 Nohl
1 Adeen
2 Dva
3 Tree
4 Chityri
5 Pyat
6 Shest
7 Sem
8 Vosim
9 Devit
10 Desit

You will need to listen to the code carefully as it can be quite difficult to understand. However, after doing it a couple of times, you will get used to it and immediately pick up on the numbers.

Morse Code

Once you've established the Russian numbering and the code, you need to know what phones correspond to what number. There are a total of 10 phones corresponding to numbers from 0 to 9 in morse code format. When you interact with these phones, they make a sound, which is, in fact, a number in morse code.

These phones are not randomized in each game. Therefore, once you have the location of these phones, you can simply go and interact with them at their set location. You can refer to our maps showing the location of all the phones below.

Morse code is a set of short (.) and long (—) beeps, and you can recognize the numbers once you know how they sound. The morse code only identifies which "number" a phone is. You do not need to know the morse code otherwise.

Numbers Numbers (Morse Code) Sound
0 — — — — —
1 . — — — —
2 . . — — —
3 . . . — —
4 . . . . —
5 . . . . .
6 — . . . .
7 — — . . .
8 — — — . .
9 — — — — .

Morse Code 0 Phone

Morse Code 1 Phone

Morse Code 2 Phone

Morse Code 3 Phone

Morse Code 4 Phone

Morse Code 5 Phone

Morse Code 6 Phone

Morse Code 7 Phone

Morse Code 8 Phone

Morse Code 9 Phone

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