Sony reveals official God of War: Ragnarok DualSense Controller

We were hoping to get a God of War: Ragnarok PlayStation 5 console, but the DualSense will have to do.

The Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro was a huge hit when it came out in 2018.

We're hoping that Sony will find a way to prevent scalpers from getting their hands on all of the God of War: Ragnarok DualSense controllers.

Four years later and Sony is releasing another limited edition hardware to help celebrate its sequel, God of War: Ragnarok. Although it's not quite like a new console, the special DualSense controller is as good as a consolation can get.

The blue-and-grey gamepad features a custom design highlighting the father-and-son relationship of Kratos and Atreus with a papa wolf and a wolf pup prominently found on the trackpad. It will serve as the first game-specific DualSense to come out since the PlayStation 5 hit store shelves in late 2020. If we're being honest, it's arguably the best-looking custom controller that Sony has put out in a while.

Most likely, scalpers are already salivating at the chance to cash in on the expectedly scarce quantity of this limited-edition peripheral.

This is exactly what happened to the God of War: Ragnarok Collector's and Jotnar Editions, which are priced at $199 and $259, respectively.

It's a tall ask but God of War: Ragnarok could end up outselling the 2018 reboot.

For what it's worth, you'll have time to prepare and pre-order the God of War: Ragnarok DualSense controller. Sony will start accepting advanced orders on September 27. We can't guarantee you'll get ahead of scalpers, but it's your best shot at getting your hands on the custom-made beauties when they're released on November 9.

As for Ragnarok itself, the end is near the Norse saga of Kratos' adventure. The latest story trailer teases an even more serious and badass Kratos telling Atreus that he shouldn't worry about protecting Kratos from death. Sony and Santa Monica Studio have done an excellent job limiting the gameplay content shown in these events. The ones buying Ragnarok know Santa Monica Studio will deliver. Asking them to make more gameplay footage available is only going to cut away from the time they need to polish Ragnarok ahead of its release date in less than two months.

With Ragnarok still not having gone gold, it's safe to say that Santa Monica Studio is hard at work making sure that the sequel lives up to even the loftiest of expectations.

Ray Ampoloquio
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