The Official Battlefield 6 Trailer Might Release This Week

Outside of the unconfirmed Grand Theft Auto 6, no game that's set to release sometime later this year has been subjected to as many leaks, rumors, and speculations like the next Battlefield game.

Unlike the last two Battlefield games, Battlefield 6 will reportedly have a modern setting.

From the game's title to when its trailer is going to drop, what its story is going to be, who's starring in it, and more, you can find unverified information about nearly all of 2021's Battlefield game. The issue being, of course, that save for confirming the game is coming later this year, Electronic Arts and DICE have yet to reveal any real information about the upcoming Battlefield title.

With that said, we're here to bring you news of yet another rumor surrounding Battlefield 6. This time, regarding the official Battlefield 6 trailer's release date.

Is the Official Battlefield 6 Trailer Coming Soon?

Here's to hoping that the official Battlefield 6 trailer is worth all these rumors and leaks once it comes out.

As has been the status quo the entire year, EA and DICE have not confirmed when the official Battlefield 6 trailer is coming. However, over the past few days, there've been several purported leaks suggesting that the trailer is set to come soon.

According to previous reports, the first official Battlefield 6 trailer was expected to come out in the first week of May. Unfortunately, the plans were reportedly changed last-minute by EA and DICE. The leaks claim that the studios wanted to avoid the potential backlash coming from releasing the official Battlefield 6 trailer should China's "out of control" rocket have landed in a populated area.

Just in case you have forgotten, a couple of leaked Battlefield 6 images that surfaced in early May showed that a rocket launch was a huge part of the trailer.

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With that said, EA and DICE's decision, if true, certainly makes a lot of sense. Releasing a trailer, had the rocket resulted in casualties, would have created unwanted negative publicity for Battlefield 6. Thankfully, the rocket has since been confirmed to have re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. Most of the rocket burned on the way down. Meanwhile, part of the debris fall above the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Now that's over with, an increasing number of sources suggest that the next Battlefield game's debut trailer could come out as early as the second week of May.

One of these potential sources includes the Germany-based music computer group, 2WEI.

According to a tweet on 2WEI's account that was sent out on May 10, two new game trailers are coming out this week using their music. This comes days just after leaks of the trailer's audio track started circulating over the internet. The said leak featured references the rocket launch that we mentioned earlier, as well as a rendition of the "Run Baby Run" audio track from, you guessed it, 2WEI.

Of course, all of this is still speculation at this point. Neither EA nor DICE have confirmed that the Battlefield 6 trailer will use music by 2WEI. Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist (pun intended) to put two and two together.

Even if these leaks turn out to be false, we probably don't have to wait too long for the official Battlefield 6 trailer. EA Play Live 2021 is expected to go live on June 14.

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