4K dashboard and Night Mode highlights October 2021 Xbox Update

The Xbox October 2021 just dropped and it comes with a 4K dashboard, Night Mode, and several other nifty features.

Microsoft just revealed everything that's coming to the Xbox consoles for its October 2021 update. Although the latest update is not as extensive compared to the previous ones, there's still a fair few features that are worth noting.

Microsoft just detailed everything the October 2021 Xbox update is bringing for users this month.

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What's new in the Xbox October 2021 update?

The October 2021 Xbox update will finally display in native 4K resolution.

The October 2021 update for Xbox consoles gives Xbox Series X owners a natively rendered 4K dashboard that makes texts easier to read and images look sharper. This is a significant upgrade from the upscaled 4K dashboard that Xbox Series X owners once had. Meanwhile, the Night Mode is available on all supported Xbox consoles. The new feature lets users adjust and reduce the light coming from the Xbox console, controller, and display, which is a godsend for when you're playing in the dark in the middle of the night.

The Night Mode update also lets players trigger the new feature on schedule. This way, the console itself will dynamically switch between Light and Dark themes depending on the time of the day. There are presets that let you time the themes with the sunset and sunrise or you can also create your schedule.

Another useful Night Mode feature is adding a customizable blue light filter for your console's display. Unfortunately, this is a feature that's unique to the Xbox Series S and X.

Finally, the last part of the October 2021 update for the Xbox is the addition of a new Quick settings menu. This personalized menu lets you toggle accessibility features based on personal preferences that can adjust to multiple users. This makes it more convenient for multiple users on the same console to flip between settings.

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The October update for Xbox consoles is already available. Users can either download the update manually or just wait for their consoles to automatically download the update, all by turning on their console.

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