Obsidian Entertainment wants to make another Fallout game

Studio boss Feargus Urquhart said that he would ‘love to make another Fallout’ title.

The Fallout series is one of Bethesda Softworks' marquee IPs alongside Elder Scrolls. While Bethesda is currently occupied with finishing Starfield, another studio is interested in filling in to develop a new Fallout title and it's one fans have been asking to do another Fallout game.

fallout new vegas cover
New Vegas game director Josh Sawyer is also interested in making a new Fallout title.

Obsidian Entertainment has a history with the Fallout series. The studio developed Fallout: New Vegas, a spin-off title of the series that was released in 2010. The studio’s CEO Feargus Urquhart was also involved in making Fallout and Fallout 2 while working in Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment in the 1990s.

Obsidian Entertainment was acquired by Xbox Game Studios in 2018 while Bethesda followed in 2021. Bethesda owns the rights to the Fallout series.

Game Pressure recently interviewed Urquhart where the CEO revealed that there are currently no plans to make another Xbox title. However, Urquhart expressed interest in making another Fallout game before he retires.

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Urquhart was involved in the development of Fallout and Fallout 2.

"We’re not working on Fallout, and we haven’t even talked about what it would be," Urquhart revealed during the interview. He notes that his studio is still loaded with games in development.

"Our plate is pretty full with Avowed, Grounded, and Outer Worlds 2. I don’t know when we’re going to start talking about new games, maybe towards the end of next year," he explains. "We just have to see what’s going on. That’s the best way to say it. There’s nothing in the plans, nothing on the piece of paper that says that."

He does give fans of the series some hope, expressing interest in making one more Fallout title before he calls it quits. Urquhart revealed that he is already 52 and close to retiring. He hopes to make one more Fallout title before ending his career in the gaming industry.

"But I’ll stick to what I said. I would love to make another Fallout before I retire," Urquhart states. "I don’t know when that is, I don’t have a date of my retirement. It’s funny – you can say I’m already 52, or only 52. It’s one of those two, depending on the day. My hope is that’ll happen, but we’ll have to wait and see."

Josh Sawyer, game director for Fallout: New Vegas is also interested in making a new Fallout game. "I love Fallout, I love the setting, I could see myself working in it again, but you know, we’ll see where the future takes me," Sawyer said in an interview with Kinda Funny Games.

fallout new vegas art
Fallout: New Vegas is one of the successful titles in the series, shipping 11 million copies.

"I haven’t thought about it in quite a while because again, it kind of came into my life and then floated away," Sawyer shared when asked what he thinks the setting of the next Fallout game would be. "In the past, I’ve said you know people have talked about New Orleans. I do think California or the Midwest would also be very interesting."

"So yeah, I think there’s a lot of cool places in the US. A lot of people have also talked about what about Fallout in other parts of the world, I think those are interesting as well. I don’t know, I think there’s lots of cool opportunities. It really depends on what the moment is and what the team looks like," Sawyer added.

Fallout: New Vegas was critically acclaimed and was a commercial success. The game shipped 11.6 million copies since its launch in 2010.

In June, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed plans of making Fallout 5. Howard said that the game would start development after the release of Elder Scrolls VI, which is still in early development.

While Bethesda is not actively developing a Fallout game, the studio is involved with Amazon Prime Video in making a live-action adaptation of the game. The upcoming TV series will be based on the first Fallout game which Feargus Urquhart worked on.

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