Nvidia "confirms" the massive GeForce Now leak

Despite the confirmation, Nvidia confirms that all the titles included the GeForce Now leak are speculative.

We use the term "the mother of all" to denote a very extreme or large example of a particular something. We sometimes substitute it with the term "Motherload". Either way, both are apt descriptions for the earlier Nvidia GeForce Now database leak.

The leak suggested that a remake of Chrono Cross is in development.

A couple of days have passed since. Nvidia has finally addressed what happened and confirmed the existence of the leak.

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What games were included in the GeForce Now leak?

GeForce Now is Nvidia's cloud streaming service.

It hasn't even been a week since we reported about the GeForce Now leak. Although the database is a legitimate source of information, many still expressed doubts if all the titles are true.

After all, it included information about the likes of God of War, Returnal, Demon's Souls, and Horizon Forbidden West all coming to the PC.

If you dig deeper into the leak, you'll find tons of other intel as well, such as the appearance of titles such as the Final Fantasy 9 Remake, Final Fantasy Tactics Remastered, and Chrono Cross Remake.

With such a massive info dump leaking over on the internet, it was only a matter of time before Nvidia addressed what happened. Although Nvidia did not explicitly confirm that everything found in the leak is true, which might disappoint fans, there is another way to look at their statement that suggests that video game fans all over the world have a reason to celebrate.

According to WCCFTech, an Nvidia spokesperson debunked the leaks. The spokesperson stated that the "unauthorized published game list" contained information on "unreleased and/or speculative titles" that Nvidia "used only for internal tracking and testing." The same response explains that audiences should not take the list as a "confirmation nor an announcement of any game". This is a pretty cut-and-dry statement. It's a clear attempt by Nvidia to try and make everyone forget about it.

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Further proof of this lies in the fact that Nvidia immediately removed everyone's access to the list, preventing things from blowing up even further.

Even Alan Wake remastered was included in the GeForce Now leak.

With that said, one way to look at Nvidia's statement is to believe what they just said and hope for what you just saw on the leak. After all, there really is no guarantee that such titles are in development. Even if they are, this still doesn't mean that they'll make their way to market. We've seen several games over the years get canceled deep into their development cycle. But, the fact that the titles do exist at some testing capacity, even if it's just a title, does suggest that they might arrive sometime in the future.

Here's hoping that this is indeed the case. The leak is full of exciting games that would definitely make audiences of all ages very happy, especially PC gamers.

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