Norman Reedus "confirms" that Death Stranding 2 is coming

Norman Reedus delivered some good news for fans of Kojima Production's Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is arguably the most divisive game to release in recent years. You either think it's one of the best games ever or the worst, there is no in-between. After a successful stint as a PlayStation exclusive, Kojima Production's first game as an independent studio was released on the PC, where it met plenty of success.

According to the game's lead actor, the sequel is already in the negotiation stages.

By July 2021, Death Stranding had sold 5 million copies across the PC and the PS4. You can expect this number to grow with the PS5-exclusive Death Stranding: Director's Cut set to release on September 24, 2021.

With that said, it appears that a Death Stranding sequel is already in the works, as per Norman Reedus.

Is Death Stranding 2 already confirmed?

Death Stranding was one of the first PS-exclusive games to make the successful transition to PC.

At the moment, neither Hideo Kojima nor Sony has confirmed the Death Stranding sequel. Instead, this latest information about the highly divisive game comes from the game's lead character, Norman Reedus.

According to The Walking Dead actor, Death Stranding 2 is already "in negotiations."

Reedus' word is good, but it's all we've got at this point. He didn't even outright confirm that the game is in development already. For all we know, the negotiations could take months if not years before development on the game could start. Not to mention, Reedus' words come courtesy of Google Translate.

As per IGN Brasil, Reedus told AdoroCinema, "I think we're doing a second Death Stranding," before saying that the game is "is in negotiations right now" and ending his statement with a resounding "yay!".

What’s next for Death Stranding?

Because of the first game's ensemble cast, it will be interesting to see who Kojima pulls in for the Death Stranding sequel.

As we've already mentioned, Death Stranding isn't for everybody. The game barely made it to our roundup of the best Hideo Kojima games. However, it is still worth trying out, if only for the sake of it - more so once the Director's Cut is released. The PS5-exclusive version features new content that appears to take heavy inspiration from Kojima's former lovechild, Metal Gear.

Speaking of, there have been talks that a Metal Gear Collection is in development. Other leakers also suggest that Abandoned is a Metal Gear game in disguise.

Regardless of whether these rumors about Metal Gear are true or not, or if what Reedus is saying about Death Stranding 2 is correct, the next few months are definitely going to be quite interesting for fans of Hideo Kojima.

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