NoPixel has shut down its GTA Online Arab RP server

NoPixel's newly created role-playing server was created specifically to cater to Arab players in Grand Theft Auto Online.

NoPixel is a popular and very exclusive GTA Online RP server. To get in, interested players must apply, donate, and wait to get accepted. Another way is to join the NoPixel public servers and prove you deserve a spot on the main server.

NoPixel just found out that you can't have your cake and eat it too.

A lot of people don't get in, which is why several popular streamers can be found frequenting the main NoPixel servers. But, while NoPixel servers usually generate minimal chatter and noise, they recently found themselves in the middle of a controversy.

NoPixel recently launched an Arab server for Arab players. Not too long after the NoPixel Arab server went live, things went south.

The controversy all started after Zeebo, which helps manage the server, told the streamer, dantexstar, to check his Discord. According to Zeedo, they've made using LGBTQ+ symbols and behavior a bannable offense. The streamer then read this message to his streaming audience before removing the rainbow-colored wristband and the LGBTQ+ tag on his Twitch stream.

The entire incident was posted on r/Livestreamfail and things escalated quickly from there.

NoPixel Arab has been shutdown
by u/Inarimw in RPClipsGTA

As several Redditors pointed out, it doesn't make sense to ban anything related to the LGBTQ+ community on the NoPixel Arab server on the basis of religion. If this were true, then the NoPixel Arab sever would have to ban looting, robbing, and murder, as well.

As a result of the ensuing backlash, one of the NoPixel managers, Honathan, has confirmed that NoPixel is shutting down the Arab server. The manager then reassured players that they will be refunded.

GTA Online RP servers are one of the biggest reasons why the game is such a draw and NoPixel has played a huge role in this for close to a decade.

Players have since rallied behind Dantexstar following the incident. The streamer was subjected to homophobic remarks by a lot of angry players who blamed him for the shutdown of the NoPixel Arab server. Thankfully, Honathan has whitelisted Dantexstar for the main NoPixel RP server.

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