Nobody 2 will begin filming next year

Bob Odenkirk will be reprising his role in the upcoming sequel.

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Nobody 2 will start filming next year.

The 2021 movie Nobody surprised a lot of audiences as an action-packed thriller that drew similarities to John Wick. Fans of the Keanu Reeves movies were hyped that Nobody was written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise. The movie was produced by David Leitch who directed the John Wick films.

The film did modestly well considering that it was released in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. The post-credits scene for the movie hinted at a sequel and, indeed, producer David Leitch recently revealed he was working on the script for the sequel.

Kelly McCormick, one of the producers for Nobody, sat down with Collider to promote her new film Violent Night and briefly discussed a sequel for the movie. According to McCormick, the goal is to start filming the new movie next year.

We hope to make it [Nodoby 2’s production] next year, so fingers crossed. So, our theory is you don't need to make a good sequel just to make a sequel. We need to make a great sequel. And so, it's about making sure that we get it right. And if we do, I think there's a lot of hope that we can go next year.

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Bob Odenkirk will return as Hutch Mansell in the sequel.

Not much is known about the plot of the sequel. We assume that most of the actors from the first movie will be returning.

Bob Odenkirk will be reprising his role as Hutch Mansell, a retired government assassin for one of "those three letter agencies." In the first movie, he had a seemingly quiet life before a home invasion disturbed his mundane existence.

His rampage across the city involved a violent brawl inside a moving bus to let off some steam. This led to the involvement of the Russian Mob. It was revealed that Mansell was a former "auditor" for intelligence agencies before retiring to lead a more peaceful life.

After defeating the gangsters with the help of his father and brother, he received a call from his old superiors at the "three letter agency" stating that his services were still required. Later, his brother and father are seen driving an RV full of weapons to an undisclosed location, seemingly indicating that Mansell is back to his old life.

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RZA and Christopher Lloyd may also be returning in the sequel based on the post-credits scene of the original. 

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad hinted at a possible crossover between John Wick and Nobody. However, it may be difficult as the movies are produced by Lionsgate and Universal respectively. Nobody director Ilya Naishuller commented on the complexity of doing a crossover saying, "I mean, everything's possible. Stranger things have definitely happened, but... yeah."

Producers Leitch and McCormick are excited to do the sequel. "Everyone involved is like, 'Full steam ahead.' We are in the script process, and I think we had so much fun making that. Kelly and I had a blast, the actors had a blast, the studio loved the results, and it's happening."

Nobody is available for streaming on HBO Max and Hulu.

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