No Time to Die will go back in theaters for franchise's 60th anniversary

MGM and EON Productions confirm No Time to Die's second theatrical run in time for James Bond's sixtieth birthday.

After dodging the 2020 pandemic, No Time to Die will get a chance to return to theaters for a second albeit much shorter run.
After dodging the 2020 pandemic, No Time to Die will get a chance to return to theaters for a second albeit much shorter run.

Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond, No Time to Die, is living up to its name. Several months after its theatrical run ended in late 2021, No Time to Die will make a return. However, it's not just to pad the film's global box office take, which, at the time, was the highest for 2021. Rather, MGM and EON Productions are celebrating the James Bond franchise's 60th anniversary.

Daniel Craig's performance in No Time to Die received a lot of praise. Critics, in particular, loved the story's choice to conclude the current incarnation of the iconic British agent. At the time of its release, No Time to Die was the highest-grossing Hollywood film during the COVID-19 pandemic before Spider-Man: No Way Home broke past it to set an insurmountable record of $1.6 billion (and counting).

According to MGM and EON Productions, the two companies will celebrate the series' 60th birthday on January 21st with a special IMAX re-screening of No Time to Die. Furthermore, select IMAX screenings will feature an exclusive Q&A with long-time James Bond lead, Daniel Craig, as well as No Time to Die's director, Cary Joji Fukunaga, along with producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. In addition to this, fans can also look forward to the YouTube release of the documentary on Craig's time as 007, Being James Bond.

Craig remains unsupplanted as the most recent lead in the James Bond series of films. However, this hasn't stopped several outlets from speculating which actors will replace Craig after his nearly two-decade run. Even then, it's not just the publications that have gone on to talk about who's going to be the next James Bond. Among others, Jacob Batalon revealed that Tom Holland talks about being James Bond. Also, Holland's failed James Bond pitch reportedly led to him being cast as the lead in Sony's upcoming live-action adaptation of Uncharted.

Other actors who have "stepped up" and have thrown their name into the James Bond roulette include Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. But, while so many are worried about the next James Bond, Craig revealed that this is the least of his concerns.

No Time to Die might feel like an odd choice to celebrate the sixtieth year of an iconic franchise, but it also makes sense. No Time to Die premiered at a time when fans were still hesitant to go to theaters for fears of the COVID-19 pandemic. You could argue that it was one of the films that helped pave the way for the success of subsequent theatrical releases, like No Way Home. A second run, even if only for a day, would help give fans a chance to see No Time to Die in theaters and experience the magic of James Bond for what could be the last time for a long while.

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