No Man's Sky releases a new update just a week after launching on Mac

The new update titled Singularity adds a robot-themed expedition that continues the on-going narrative of the game.

No Man's Sky releases its first update on Mac.

No Man’s Sky continues to impress its fans. The game just released its second update in as many weeks with Hello Games promising more things to come later.

The space exploration sandbox game was once mocked for its infamous launch. Sean Murray and the rest of the team at Hello Games have since continuously updated the game and have made No Man’s Sky one of the most beloved titles in the space adventure genre. The game now feels like a live service game rather than a title that continues to get content updates. 

The game was just launched on Mac last week and now it will be getting its first update on the platform. Murray shared his excitement for the first update of No Man’s Sky on Mac on Twitter.

"Singularity releases today on all platforms, including on Mac!" Murray tweeted. "It honestly feels like only last week we were launching on Mac, and now it already has its first update."

The Singularity Expedition continues on the story that started with the Interceptor update. The previous update introduced worlds corrupted by huge purple crystals and strange new robot creatures.

In the newest expedition, players will start in a harmonic camp on the planet Ahei XV. Hello Games did not give much specifics on the plot of the new expedition but said that it will be a narrative-heavy journey. Singularity will be the second of a four-part story arc that started with the Interceptor update.

The story will revolve around "artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive." Nada and Polo (story NPCs) will assist the Interloper in its journey and in building a robotic construct.

As with any expedition, there is a community goal that players can contribute to. All players will receive a reward for each milestone that is achieved by the community.

Nada and Polo will be on hand to assist the Traveler in the newest expedition.

Players will also receive rewards for completing the Singularity expedition. The biggest reward from the expedition is the Construct Customization Set which is a full body customization set based on parts players collect during the expedition. Gamers can opt to equip either the Atlantid or Crimson head to complete the Construct look.

Adventurers will also be rewarded with the purple Discordant Jetpack Trail and the Crimson Freighter Trail as part of the rewards. The Living Fragment Base Decorations, Wayfarer’s Helm, Geometric Cape, and base cosmetic items are also up for grabs during the expedition.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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