No Man's Sky finally arrives on Mac and IPad

The Mac port of the space adventure sandbox was first announced by Apple in 2022.

The space adventure game expands to yet another platform seven years after its launch.

Mac gamers are finally getting one of the most anticipated titles on the platform. Hello Games just announced that the Mac port for No Man’s Sky is finally ready. A few days ago, Hello Games founder Sean Murray tweeted a red apple emoji - it seems this is what he was alluding to. 

This sent fans of the space adventure sandbox into a frenzy as this usually means an update is coming. Murray always sends out a cryptic tweet composed of just one emoji several days before an update launches. Gamers always have a fun time guessing what the emoji means as it is often related to the theme of the content.

This time, Murray tweeted twice before the update arrived. First was the red apple emoji and it was then followed by a green apple emoji. Fans following the game developer on social media first guessed that it was a farming update. However, many gamers pointed out that two apple emoji tweets meant it is coming to two previously mentioned platforms.

Fans got it right as No Man’s Sky is coming to Apple’s macOS. Murray quickly followed up the tweets announcing, "We've got a little something just about to drop, and then another surprise in the VERY near future."

Hello Games posted a trailer video for the macOS port of No Man’s Sky. Impressively, the Apple version will support full cross-play with players on all available platforms except for the Nintendo Switch version.

No Man’s Sky will also be supporting full cross-save between PC and Mac on Steam. The space adventure game will also be supporting Metal 3 and will utilize the power of Mac’s high-speed SSDs. The game will also be utilizing MetalFX Temporal and Spatial Upscaling for better visual fidelity.

"Expect fast loading times using the Mac internal SSD," Hello Games said of the new port. "Consistent performance across the full range of Macs is possible as we are one of the first titles to support MetalFX Upscaling (Temporal and Spatial). Metal 3 support allows No Man’s Sky to achieve console quality graphics whilst maintaining battery life on laptops and lower end devices."

Hello Games teased that No Man's Sky will have another surprise later this year.

Hello Games’ foray into Mac gaming is pretty intriguing. No Man’s Sky is one of the few AAA titles natively available on the Mac at the moment. Hello Games is releasing the port on Steam first. The studio announced that the game will be available on the Apple Store sometime later.

It will be interesting to see if the studio follows through on its promise to bring the title to IPad later. However, given that Apple’s tablets are now powered by M1 and M2 chips, they will likely be capable of handling the title even better than the Nintendo Switch.

No Man’s Sky is still growing and has a solid player base on all platforms. Given the game’s infamous launch, its success and growth is pretty impressive. Hello Games isn’t slowing down its content updates even after seven years. We will likely be getting one or two more big updates later this year bringing even more changes to this ever-evolving space adventure.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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