Nintendo just took down an unofficial Mario NFT game

For once, fans are actually happy that Nintendo shut down a game.

No one dares to mess with Nintendo. The Japanese company is notorious for laying down the law on any fan-made game or ROM that it believes is infringing on its copyright on any of its IPs. It doesn't matter if it's a newer game or something that Nintendo released decades ago, Nintendo won't hesitate to exercise its hold over its IPs.

In a rare turn of events, fans are cheering for Nintendo to take down a fan-made game.
In a rare turn of events, fans are cheering for Nintendo to take down a fan-made game.

However, in a surprising turn of events, fans are now rooting for Nintendo after it recently took down a Mario-based multiplayer platformer.

Fans cheer on as Nintendo takes down NFT game

Nintendo Just Took Down An Unofficial Mario Nft Game
Mario is one of Nintendo's biggest IPs. We'd imagine that it will take drastic measures if necessary to protect it.

One of the reasons why fans were so supportive of Nintendo's recent takedown is that the project concerned is an NFT-powered video game. The fan-made multiplayer title lets players earn NFTs, otherwise known as those jpegs that people sell online for a profit. The way that players made NFTs is by betting on matches and taking the winnings.

Even before Nintendo stepped in, audiences were already complaining about the fishy nature of the game. For example, users pointed out that the Mario NFT gambling game stole assets from other fan creations.

Ultimately, what got 1Up, the developers of the game, caught, is that its tweet containing gameplay footage from the closed beta. It didn't take long for several users on Twitter to tag Nintendo and Nintendo of America. As a result, Nintendo did what it did best and now, the game is pretty much as good as dead.

Nintendo Just Took Down An Unofficial Mario Nft Game
It appears that it's only a matter of time before Nintendo takes stronger legal measures.

Interestingly enough, some users are supporting 1Up. There are even others claiming that Nintendo's takedown will help "moon this shit through space", which suggests that this setback will only bring more positive attention to the game. Judging by how Nintendo won't hesitate to spend a ton of money just to protect its intellectual property, we don't think that this is going to happen anytime soon if at all.

As of the time of writing, 1Up's blog is still using Nintendo assets. It appears that 1Up has no signs of listening to Nintendo's takedown request. If this keeps up, we can only expect Nintendo to press further and shut down the entire operation.

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