Nintendo Switch production to be ramped up in 2023

Reports indicate that Nintendo will boost production of the Switch console this year amid steady demand.

The Nintendo Switch and its variants have been selling like hotcakes ever since the hybrid handheld platform arguably kicked off the current console generation. After nearly six years on the market, there is still consistent demand for the Switch, and reports indicate Nintendo might boost production to keep up.

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As reported by Bloomberg, apparently Nintendo has informed manufacturing and supply partners to brace for increased production of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED during the current calendar year.

The 9th console generation including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has spent most of its lifetime plagued by supply chain issues, which resulted in low stock and poor distribution. The Switch wasn't hit as hard but still felt the effects of these issues. However, now with the chip shortage rebounding, there is more room to boost production.

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The Nintendo Switch is still selling strong, despite its age.

The planned increase comes at an interesting time for the platform, with news of a scrapped "Pro" variant floating around, as well as some insiders claiming that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be the last big first-party AAA title on the console altogether.

While these rumors are still unconfirmed, it does not seem too far fetched that the Switch ecosystem might soon be reaching the end of its lifecycle, with Nintendo looking to new horizons with an entirely new console. Older than the other two leading gaming platforms on the market currently, it wouldn't be too surprising to see the Switch, well, switched out sooner than its contemporaries.

That said, it is pretty clear that the hybrid handheld will still be very much alive and kicking for another number of years. Even after Nintendo eventually brings out whatever their intended successor is, the Switch will still be around - enough console generations have come and gone to know that bit for sure.

The "Switch Pro" might be dead, but who knows what else the future holds for the platform?

With production ramping up in 2023, gamers who haven't adopted the Switch before will definitely have ample opportunity, and without the need to fear any kind of stock shortage like before. The Nintendo Switch has shipped over 114 million units, and with strong demand for at least another year, we can see over 130 million being an easy target.

Some fans have speculated that the Switch might actually have a shot at beating the all-time sales record of the PlayStation 2, clocking in at nearly 158 million units. This would require the platform to still be on the market for a few more years without a great deal of sales slump, and while unlikely, the possibility is ultimately present.

In any case, fans can rest assured that 2023 will be a strong year for the Nintendo Switch.

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