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Nintendo shoots down Bloomberg Nintendo 4K console report

For the second time in less than half a year, Nintendo has singled out a Bloomberg report for false claims about an upcoming 4K console.

This is the second time that Nintendo has specifically singled out a Bloomberg report on the rumored 4K Nintendo console.
This is the second time that Nintendo has specifically singled out a Bloomberg report on the rumored 4K Nintendo console.

The Nintendo Switch is effectively unrivaled, but the popular console is not without its fair share of faults. Although the Switch continues to see several studios making compromises to port their games over to it along with the usual continued support from Nintendo with exclusives, the console's relative lack of hardware power has become more obvious. As a result, fans are wondering if Nintendo intends to release an update to the Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year, there were several reports that Nintendo was working on a 4K variant of the Nintendo Switch. Many referred to this unannounced console simply as the Nintendo Switch Pro. However, the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED silenced these rumors. Fast forward to earlier today and Bloomberg renewed talks of Nintendo's 4K console. This comes after the news outlet published a report claiming that Nintendo provided up to 11 developers dev kits of the said console.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED set to release in a week, Nintendo didn't take any time disputing Bloomberg's report through an official channel.

Don't expect a 4K Nintendo Switch to release anytime soon

According to a pair of Tweets posted on the official Nintendo Co. Ltd. Twitter account, Nintendo denies Bloomberg's report. The console manufacturer made it clear that the Nintendo Switch OLED is the only new variant of the Switch console currently in its pipeline.

It's safe to say that Nintendo is adamant in shutting down talks of a 4K version of the Nintendo Switch. It doesn't matter if fans would have loved to get their hands on a more powerful Nintendo Switch console, especially with the Steam Deck's imminent release. Right now, Nintendo's position is clear. The company wants everyone to know that it is focused solely on the Nintendo Switch OLED. Because of this, we're curious to see how Bloomberg responds to Nintendo's outright denial.

Bloomberg is not a small news outlet. It holds a lot of influence among businesses and its pieces can impact a company's stock. Because of this, it only makes sense that Nintendo takes the website's report seriously, regardless of whether what they are saying is true or not. What's interesting here is that this is the second time Nintendo has outright denied Bloomberg's reports on the Nintendo Switch.

With that said, we're still holding out hope that Nintendo is going to release a 4K-capable console in the future. It might not necessarily be a Nintendo Switch Pro, but such an upgrade feels inevitable. Although Nintendo has proven over the years that it doesn't have to match Sony and Microsoft's offerings in terms of hardware, the expansive chasm separating the Xbox Series X and PS5 from the Nintendo Switch is hard to ignore.

Of course, when might Nintendo release a new system is anyone's guess at this point. Considering Nintendo still has big titles like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the Breath of the Wild sequel scheduled for 2022, fans shouldn't expect a new Nintendo console until 2023, the earliest.

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