Nintendo just dropped a second Super Mario trailer

Mario remains relatively silent but the second trailer for the animated Super Mario Bros. Movie has a lot more characters and color in it.

The second trailer for Nintendo's highly anticipated computer-animated movie based on its best-selling Super Mario franchise is finally here, and it shows a lot more than the initial trailer from last month.

Nintendo Second Super Mario Trailer Scaled
We're only two trailers into The Super Mario Bros. movie but we're already excited to watch it in theaters.

It gives us a brief glimpse of Mario and Luigi, as well as an extremely detailed-looking Mushroom Kingdom. And, oh, in case you didn't notice, that's Donkey Kong in the trailer. Shigeru Miyamoto clarifies this is how the anthropomorphic gorilla will look.

It's interesting to see the trailer come so soon, but we're not complaining. Illumination and Nintendo must have wanted to get the jump on the leakers before too much unofficial info made its way on the internet.

As for the trailer itself, it's a fan service smorgasbord. In addition to a tanooki suit-wearing Mario, we also see Peach using a fire flower, while both take to the tracks alongside Luigi and Toad in a not-so-subtle nod to the seminal video game franchise, Mario Kart.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is giving off the right kind of vibes so far. After introducing us to the world of the animated film in the first trailer, this second one feels like Nintendo and Illumination's way of saying, "don't worry, we got this." Dare we say, we're quite hyped.

With several more months of marketing to go before it premieres in North America on April 7, we're expecting to see a handful more trailers and snippets.

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Hopefully, by then, we'll get a chance to hear Chris Pratt's Mario speak more. It's difficult to tell if Chris Pratt's non-Italian accent is good or not. It almost feels like Nintendo is trying to exercise every bit of caution possible. But, hey, Super Mario was never the talking type, so maybe whether his voice works or not won't matter as much?

Nintendo Second Super Mario Trailer
Mario is widely considered one of the most influential video game franchises of all time.

Speaking of Nintendo, the upcoming Super Mario movie is likely not going to be the only Hollywood film in the works over at the world's oldest gaming company. If it hits it big with its debut, we wouldn't be surprised if Samus joins the fray in the future, especially now that Nintendo Pictures has been fully established.

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