The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer is now its most disliked YouTube video

The $50 a year Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack expands on Nintendo Switch Online.

With 19.67 million dislikes, YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind is the most disliked YouTube video ever. Nintendo's previous record-setter, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, doesn't even come close to achieving those figures. The said video, which was uploaded in 2015, currently has 96k dislikes. However, it appears that Metroid Prime: Federation Force's E3 trailer has just been displaced by a new one.

Given its absurd pricing, Nintendo owes its fans an Explanation Pack.

After just going live for a little over two weeks, Nintendo's Expansion Pack overview trailer has earned well over six figures in dislikes (and counting).

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A lot of people don't like the Switch Online Expansion Pack

Fans can only hope that Nintendo reconsiders its decision following the backlash.

NSO's Expansion Pack will set you back $50 a year, which is more than double what the original Nintendo Switch Online plan will cost you. However, it's not without its merits.

For one, you do get free access to the Animal Crossing expansion with your subscription, which is a $25 value. Unfortunately, the additional 23 N64 and Sega Genesis games aren't enough to justify the full price.

To make matters worse, the quality of the emulated N64 and Sega Genesis games are far from great. Complaints range from poor optimization to lack of proper controls, as well as several gameplay bugs, glitches, and other visual problems.

TLDR; NSO's expansion back is just one big mess.

With that said, audiences aren't afraid to show their disdain for the Expansion Pack plan. With well over 100,000 dislikes since October 15, fans want to send a message. What isn't clear is if Nintendo intends to respond to this or not.

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We highly doubt that Nintendo will make any changes based on public feedback. Unless nobody subscribes to the Expansion Pack for $50 a year, then maybe Nintendo will reconsider. But, as it is, people can and will still subscribe to it if only to find out for themselves if it is as bad as most people make it out to be.

If it's any consolation, Nintendo did promise that it's going to add GoldenEye 007 into the library soon, but we doubt that it's enough to make people want to spend $50 a year for a console that already has an overpriced library of games.

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