Nintendo Live is coming in September

The formerly Japan-exclusive Nintendo in-person event is finally coming to the United States later this year.

It will be the first Nintendo Live event outside Japan.

The pandemic has caused a major disruption to the calendar of gaming conventions. Only in the last several months did we have a sense of normalcy in having big events like The Game Awards and the Tokyo Game Show. Now, Nintendo wants to hold an E3-like event in the United States.

According to Nintendo, it will host its first-ever Nintendo Live in Seattle in November.

The upcoming event will let fans try out demos of current as well as upcoming games on the Nintendo Switch. There are side events such as tournaments, photo opportunities with popular Nintendo characters, live stage performances, and more.

"Fans of all ages can currently experience the unique games, characters and Nintendo worlds of Nintendo on Nintendo Switch, but we want to expand that scope with a new experience," Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo America, said in a statement. "With Nintendo Live 2023, we’re giving attendees a chance to celebrate together with family, friends and the broader Nintendo community in the spirit of fun and creating long-lasting memories."

The first Nintendo Live was held in Japan in 2019. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions forced the company to postpone the event for a few years. A second event was held last October at the Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba and featured live performances from K.K. Slider of Animal Crossing and Deep Cut from Splatoon 3.

Ironically, Nintendo pulled out of E3 2023 because it felt like it didn't have enough to show off. E3 has since been canceled.

Nintendo is currently gearing up for the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is aiming to replicate the success of Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo is celebrating the success of The Super Mario Bros Movie.

On the non-gaming side of the world's oldest video game company, Nintendo is celebrating the successful opening of the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood as well as the massive box office performance of The Super Mario Bros. Movie during its opening weekend.

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