Nintendo releases first patch for Tears of the Kingdom

Despite the near-flawless reviews at launch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom still needs some TLC.

Nintendo's commitment to fixing the small details in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is arguably more impressive than the game's state at launch.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a major miracle. The way it runs on the Nintendo Switch deserves an award. But, while Nintendo put in a ton of work to make sure Tears of the Kingdom ran smoothly at launch, it still isn't perfect. The near-flawless release was affected by glitches and bugs, namely a duplication glitch that gamers exploited. Thankfully, at least some of these issues have since been addressed in the game's first patch.

This update promises to fix the persistent bug related to "The Closed Door" quest, which previously prevented players from progressing in the game's storyline. It's safe to say that Nintendo has heard the frustrations and calls for an immediate fix.

With this update, players can, once again, dive back into Tears of the Kingdom and continue their journey.

More developers should use Tears of the Kingdom as an example of what kind of state their game should be in when it hits the store shelves.

But, the broken main quest isn't the only problem that marred Tears of the Kingdom. The infamous infinite item duplication glitch, which lets players clone any item to infinity, has detracted from the experience and trivialized the thrill of finding rare items.

Many expected Nintendo to patch this bug out as soon as possible but that's not the case.

As per several sources online, the bug still works following the latest update.

The relatively short patch notes suggest that Nintendo is still hard at work fixing the larger but less pervasive issues that currently plague Tears of the Kingdom.

The Game Awards should probably give Tears of the Kingdom the GOTY award already.

Nintendo released a massive day-one patch for Tears of the Kingdom to ensure a more "pleasant gameplay experience" and so far, so good. The continued tweaking of Tears of the Kingdom should help guarantee that players continue to flock to it. It's believed that the game has already sold more than 10 million copies, a number which should only grow. It bodes well for the future of Tears of the Kingdom that Nintendo is smoothing things out even though the game launched in an incredibly polished state.

The only thing that Nintendo has to do now is to confirm when the DLC for Tears of the Kingdom is coming.

Speaking of plagues, Nintendo is currently dealing with a persistent troll job after a well-known peripheral manufacturer basically dared the Japanese giant to sue it over a custom-themed Switch skin. It's unclear if Nintendo has already pursued legal action but, given its history with these sorts of things, it's only a matter of time before dbrand finds itself in court.

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