Nintendo drops final trailer for Super Mario movie

Nintendo is making a final marketing push ahead of The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiere in the United States on April 5.

Nintendo celebrated Mario Day in style. Just days after confirming that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is releasing on April 5 (instead of the 7th), Nintendo gave us our final look at the animated film featuring the Chris Pratt-voiced Italian plumber.

There's no turning back now, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is really coming out on April 5.

The onesie-clad all-around savior of the Mushroom Kingdom was, unsurprisingly, front and center of the last trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. But, unlike the previous ones, this clip is a bit darker, while giving the OG side-scrolling material a nod. And, oh, there's that presumably climactic battle on Rainbow Road that's going to want to make you want to jump into a couple of Mario Kart races.

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Nintendo's been pretty generous trailer-wise when it comes to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Since dropping the first trailer for the film, the console manufacturer has had a couple of chances to sell casual audiences and non-fans on the film.

So, if you're still not excited to watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie next month, we don't think you'll change your mind at all.

With that said, don't expect too much from The Super Mario Bros. Movie storywise. The source material has endured for a lot of years even though most entries revolve around having Mario rescue Princess Peach from Bowser (or someone else). But, while Mario has stuck to some form of formula, it also isn't afraid to experiment and deviate. Case in point, Princess Peach is your ally this time around and Mario has to rescue his brother, Luigi.

Pratt's voicework might not be the best, but the movie looks like it retains most of the franchise's color and magic. Diehard fans will likely flock just to find out what it's like to finally watch Mario come to life on the big screen.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has the potential to kickstart a decade's worth of animated films based on some of gaming's most iconic properties.

And, oh, there's always that potential cameo from that sword-wielding guy who wears a pointy green hat (please don't DMCA us, Nintendo).

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