Nintendo E3 2021 Wishlist: What We'd Like to See from Nintendo

Nintendo's Direct presentation for E3 2021 has to be huge. It doesn't necessarily need to include the first-ever announcement for the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, but it would help. The relatively lackluster Nintendo Direct earlier this year didn't have much to show for it. Thus, Nintendo will want to make sure that its E3 2021 showcase will be a big one.

We'd be lying if the new Nintendo Switch Pro isn't at the top of our Nintendo E3 2021 wishlist.

Here are some of the things that we'd like to see from Nintendo at E3 202 on June 15.

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New Nintendo Switch Pro Reveal

The new Nintendo Switch Pro is all but confirmed/

Is the New Nintendo Switch Pro real? Maybe, maybe not. At this point, only Nintendo knows. However, considering the earlier leak from Nintendo itself, it's safe to say that the improved version of the Nintendo Switch is coming.

When the New Nintendo Switch Pro will be revealed is the question. Hopefully, it'll come soon. Specifically, at E3 2021.

Otherwise, we don't know what's going on with Nintendo as to why they're really trying to keep the New Nintendo Switch Pro such a big secret. E3 2021 represents Nintendo's best chance at revealing it to the public.

Fire Emblem Remake

With only three Fire Emblem remakes released, Nintendo could stand to up the number a bit.

Fire Emblem is a proven console seller at this point. The niche tactical role-playing game franchise has been Nintendo's go-to series for decades. This probably isn't going to change at this point. However, unlike other franchises that have seen their fair share of remakes, Fire Emblem has very few. There have only been three remakes, which is a huge damn shame.

There are a handful of Fire Emblem games that were released prior to 2012's Awakening that players don't have any chances of playing outside of emulation.

Because of this, we do think that Nintendo has a lot of incentive to try and remake the older Fire Emblem titles. It also helps that Fire Emblem Heroes has helped prove that there are players who are interested in the older games in the franchise. Many of the same players would love to have a chance to revisit older titles on a more convenient platform.

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With Echoes having received its final DLC with Three Houses, now seems the perfect time for Nintendo to remake the Fire Emblem games released on the SNES and GBA for the Nintendo Switch.

Breath of the Wild Sequel

The Breath of the Wild sequel will be subject to a lot of scrutiny.

This is as much of a shoo-in as a shoo-in can get. Breath of the Wild might not be our pick for the best Legend of Zelda game, but we would love to see what a sequel would be like.

Today, many games are still looking to Breath of the Wild for inspiration. This might have set the bar high for Nintendo, but it's not like they're new to exceeding expectations. Not to mention, a Breath of the Wild sequel reveal would fit in perfectly with the reveal of the long-rumored New Nintendo Switch Pro console.

xCloud on Nintendo Switch

Getting xCloud on Nintendo Switch would be a big deal for the video game industry as a whole.

Should Nintendo even consider allowing xCloud on the Nintendo Switch? Probably not. But, hey, this is a wishlist, which means that we can fill it with some wishful thinking, which seeing xCloud on the hybrid console very much is.

New Smash Fighter

Who wouldn't want to see this green guy in Smash?

One of the few highlights of February 2021's Nintendo Director was a new Smash fighter announcement, and, with only two more slots left on Fighter Pass 2, it only makes sense for Nintendo to announce at least one of these slots at E3 2021.

So far, we've seen third-party characters make their way to Smash. This makes it more likely that the next Smash fighter is someone from Nintendo's stable of characters. But, who knows? If Microsoft wants Nintendo to extend an olive branch and enable xCloud on the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft might have to put out by letting the longtime Halo protagonist Master Chief join Smash.

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