Nintendo Direct for the Super Mario movie announced for March 9

Nintendo is celebrating this year's Mario Day in style with its third cinema-only Nintendo Direct showcase.

Nintendo is hosting another Nintendo Direct extremely soon after its latest one just ended. Unfortunately, this Direct is all about its upcoming cinematic endeavor - The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have huge implications for animated adaptations of big gaming franchises going forward.

Nearly a month ahead of the film's premiere in the United States on April 7 (the movie isn't coming to Japan until April 28), Nintendo is planning to drop a new extensive trailer on March 9. The announcement comes with new artwork featuring a Blue Shell hot on Mario's trail while the rest of the gang, including Cranky Kong, race on top of the franchise's most iconic race track, the Rainbow Road.

Universal Pictures, Illumination, and Nintendo have all done an excellent job marketing the film over the last few months, even though some of the original plans ended up pushing through despite the delay.

In case you didn't know, this isn't the first cinema-only Nintendo Direct. The world's oldest gaming company held similar events in October and November. We're expecting the same thing from the upcoming presentation, which takes place on Mario Day (March 10) in Japan.

Nintendo clarified that the next Nintendo Direct will contain "no game information." The spotlight will be solely on The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Fingers crossed, there's going to be some kind of merchandise announcement, as previously rumored.

Fans still aren't quite convinced that Chris Pratt can properly pull off a Mario voice.

Nintendo is reportedly working on a new Legend of Zelda movie after launching Nintendo Pictures last year. Nintendo is likely waiting on how well The Super Mario Bros. Movie performs first before making things official.

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