Nintendo has reportedly delayed its September Direct showcase

According to sources, Nintendo has delayed this month's scheduled showcase due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

It looks like the rumored Nintendo Direct will not be happening next week.

The unannounced Nintendo Direct has been delayed according to insiders.

Gaming insider Jeff Grubb tweeted that the Nintendo Direct will be delayed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Gamebeats editor Mike Minotti also shared the same information on Twitter.

Grubb and Minotti collaborated on the "Last of the Nintendogs" podcast revealing a planned Nintendo Direct was happening on the week of September 12th. In that podcast, they discussed the games are rumored to be announced in the upcoming event.

The Nintendo Direct has not been officially announced by Nintendo.

Nintendo reacts to world events

To most people, it seems like a bit of a stretch to think that the death of a monarch can alter the schedule of a gaming-related event. However, Nintendo has, in the past, changed its schedule due to a world event.

It has been widely reported that Nintendo deferred the release of the war-themed strategy game Advance Wars due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nintendo was set to release the game this year and chose to delay it to 2023 because of the ongoing conflict.

It makes sense that Nintendo would also choose not to push thru with the Nintendo Direct presentation as the world mourns the passing of a much-loved Monarch. Grubb also mentions that Nintendo may not have said anything yet to third parties participating in the Nintendo Direct.

The gaming and entertainment world reacts to the Queen’s passing

Game developers and celebrities have offered condolences to the Royal family and the United Kingdom over the Queen’s death.

Rockstar Games tweeted "Rest In Peace, Queen Elizabeth II, a global leader whose grace and influence spanned so many generations."

British indie game studio Team 17 also tweeted "everybody at Team 17 is saddened to hear of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II." Other British game developers such as Frontier Developments and Sumo Group also posted condolences on their official Twitter accounts.

Actors from the entertainment industry such as Helen Mirren, Reese Witherspoon, and many more have expressed their condolences to the Royal family through social media. Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson posted a lengthy video message on social media sending his love to the Royal Family and relating it to his experience of losing his father two years ago.

Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, and the official Twitter account of Paddington also sent heartfelt messages to the United Kingdom. Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple CEO Tim Cook also took to Twitter to express condolences.

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