Ninja Gaiden Master Collection NEW Action Trailer

Anew character showcase trailer has been released for Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. With it comes the unveiling of the characters that will be making an appearance and be available for players - aside from the series protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa, that we already knew about. Just recently too, a new action trailer was revealed too, highlighting the updated graphics and enhanced speed of the game during combat. Check out the details below.


What is Ninja Gaiden?

Ninja Gaiden is the long-running action video game franchise originally created by Tecmo. The original was an arcade game which resembled similar beat ‘em ups like Renegade and Double Dragon. After its release on arcades in 1988, it was quickly followed by multiple ports on various home computers such as the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

The original NES Ninja Gaiden was legendary for being fun, but also being extremely difficult.

However, the series truly took off with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) port. The NES version of the game centers on the adventures of Ryu Hayabusa, the latest in a long line of ninja masters who wields the Dragon Sword. The NES Ninja Gaiden was notable for introducing cinematic cut scenes, a previously unheard of feature for Nintendo’s 8-bit home console. It was also notorious for being a fun, but very difficult game. This first NES game became a massive hit which spawned two more sequels on the platform, Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom.

By 1995, the entire series would then be re-released as a single anthology titled Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There would also be versions of Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sega Master System, Game Gear, and the Genesis/Mega Drive. However, the series would experience a hiatus until 2004 with the release of a new Ninja Gaiden series of games that are designed for the current generation with 3D polygon graphics.

The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Action Trailer boasts the updated graphics for the modern consoles.

Developed by Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja, the first new game titled simply Ninja Gaiden was a hit for the Microsoft Xbox game console. This would be followed by Ninja Gaiden Black, which was more of an enhanced version of the 2004 game. Later, Ninja Gaiden Sigma would be launched as a Playstation 3 title, adding more content and featured improved high definition graphics.

Actual sequels would later be developed titled Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden 3 (with enhanced versions Ninja Gaiden Sigma II and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge). These were released on various consoles such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

As reported in February, a new compilation of the newer Ninja Gaiden games will be released by Koei Tecmo in 2021. The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection will include Ninja Gaiden Sigma (2007), Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma (2009), and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (2012). The games will be updated to 4K graphics and a framerate of 60fps, to keep it in line with the expectations of modern video games. Developed by Koei Tecmo, the series compilation will also include a slew of additional playable characters from the franchise’s history.

On April 14, Team Ninja released the new trailer, showcasing the playable characters. Aside from the series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa, four other characters have been revealed:

  • Ayane and Kasumi from Dead or Alive.
  • Momiji from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
  • Rachel from the original Ninja Gaiden

The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection showcase trailer displays footage of the different playable characters and their unique animations. Weapon selections will also vary, as well as their signature combo systems. Fans of the franchise will not be disappointed, as the game retains its trademark fast-paced action and brutal display of violence.

Action Trailer

Today, April 21, Team Ninja released a new action trailer, depicting the various action samples from the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.

This action trailer highlights the move sets and enhanced speed of the updated versions of the games in the collection. The trailer presents footage of the different ninpo and weapon techniques available to Ryu Hayabusa. Some of the weapons presented in the trailer include the Dragon Sword as well as bow and arrows, the kusarigama, and the scythe. Due to the blood and gory violence, the Nina Gaiden: Master Collection action trailer is currently age-restricted and is only available to be viewed directly on YouTube.

Enhanced to 4K high definition and at 60fps, the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection looks great so far!

In addition, the new action trailer also confirms two versions for the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. There will be a standard edition that features the full digital version of the games, and a deluxe edition which includes a digital art book and the games’ soundtrack.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, as well as backward compatible versions for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on June 10, 2021.

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