Night Mode coming to Xbox in new update

A new feature for the night owls among you will be added to the Xbox UI soon, with Skip-Ahead users already getting a preview.

Members of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring among Xbox Insiders have been testing the latest OS update for Microsoft's consoles for the past few days, and there are some exciting new features to be used. The main addition to be hyped about is a new Night Mode option.

It isn't clear when this feature will make the jump to the publicly released main channel updates available to all users, but it might be a while - the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring is the deepest, foremost ring of the Insider hierarchy. This group of select users are the very first external testers, and sometimes pretty major changes to updates can be implemented based on their feedback. After them, several other rounds of testing follow before a full release.

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Nonetheless, we can't wait to get our hands on this Night Mode feature. Much more than just a simple toggle, Night Mode can be customized with different options, such as dimming the screen to your preferred luminosity, adjusting blue light levels, and also dimming system lights on the console itself and on your controller.

Not only will this make gaming in darker environments more convenient and subtle, by adjusting blue light levels you can ensure that late night gaming sessions won't mess with your sleeping schedule - at least not as much as they do now. The negative effects of high blue light exposure before going to sleep are well documented, and most screens emit blue light.

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Turn off that pesky green glow.

Alongside the preview of the Night Mode feature, update XB_FLT_2109CO\22000.2139.210804-2200 (try saying that ten times out loud) also carried a host of bug fixes addressing issues that have been reported by Insider users previously. Microsoft also shared a list of known issues that are being worked on, but haven't had their fixes implemented quite yet.

We're eager for the launch of the live update that will bring Night Mode to all users - those frantic emergency naps after 'one more level' becomes many more levels will be all the more sound.

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