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The independent city state of Night City and its immediate surroundings set the stage for Cyberpunk 2077. Comprised of six districts as well as the Badlands region just beyond the city borders, where nomads and various undesirables eke out a living from the harsh wasteland.

Night City Map Scaled

Below, you'll find an interactive map of Night City. The various districts are connected by several levels of roads you can freely navigate on foot or by car, or traverse the distance quickly using fast travel. Read on to learn more about the various districts you'll be exploring in Cyberpunk 2077!

Interactive Map

Night City Map X

Night City

Named after its founder Richard Night rather than the time of day, Night City was conceived as a perfect futuristic utopia, a golden standard for huge metropolises that all other cities would aspire to. Richard Night got pretty far along towards realizing his dream - it was called Coronado City at the time, after the Del Coronado Bay in which it was situation - before being assassinated due to corporate intrigue.

The city was constructed regardless, but its history was highly turbulent. It was briefly ruled by the mob, after which several wars were fought between criminal gangs and various corporations for control over the city. One of these conflicts even saw the detonation of a small nuclear warhead in the corporate center. The Arasaka Corporation swooped in and snatched control by the time of 2077, rebuilding the city and governing it as an independent state separate from the greater United States.

Arasaka controls just about everything in Night City, with the gangs overseeing what little the corporation doesn't. Arasaka guards patrol the border, the corporation is the government, its buildings the centers of power. Night City is considered a paradise by the wealthy and famous, while being a hellhole for the poor, having been voted 'the worst place to live in America'. Even so, it has been the center of most major events in the Cyberpunk timeline, and anyone who is anyone lives here.

The Districts of Night City

City Center

Citycenter X

The City Center is the beating corporate heart of Night City, painstakingly restored after the latest Corporate War which saw the detonation of a nuclear warhead inside the Arasaka Tower. By 2077, it is the most fortified region of the city, its security second only to the luxurious North Oak sub district of Westbrook.

Sheer, brutalist skyscrapers showcasing the most modern and decadent architecture stab up into the sky, declaring the authority that the megacorporations headquartered within exercise. Even so, City Center sees its own share of crime - the dark and narrow alleyways of Downtown are home to as many shady dealings as any other district.


Watson X

Watson has fallen from grace in the past few decades. It soared when a conglomerate of corporations pumped massive investments into the district in order to build a powerbase that could rival that of Arasaka, but ultimately failed. After a brief period of prosperity during which Watson was the de-factor center of Night City, it was entirely bought out by Arasaka and allowed to rot save for the bustling seafront.

By 2077, Watson is one of the poorest areas of Night City, with Kabuki and Little China being the only remnants of former glory. The Tyger Claws and Maelstrom gangs fight an unending war for control. V has an apartment in Watson.


Westbrook X

Westbrook is an interesting combination of sub districts, featuring Japantown which is the home of every Yakuza family of any importance, Charter Hill which is the first jumping off point for would-be entrepreneurs who haven't quite made it big yet, and North Oak is the absolute peak of luxury and indulgence.

North Oak is where the 0.1% of Night City live in complete and utter comfort and safety, with a small private army patrolling the streets at all times, protecting the obscene wealth stored in mega mansions being cranked out the City Center nearby.


Heywood X

Heywood features both extremes of Night City, with the north being home to various high-end residences that don't quite reach the decadence of North Oak, but are still one of the nicer places to live, while the South is dominated by a poverty ridden slum.

The Valentinos and 6th Street are fighting for control here, while medium-level corpos dominate the northern reaches. Many wayward souls consider the Heywood residential area as a reprieve from the suffering in the Badlands and the violence in Pacifica, but it is hardly better than either.


Pacifica X

If City Center is a symbol of what Night City looks like when it succeeds, with the might of corporations creating a shining technological mecca, then Pacifica is a symbol of what Night City looks like when it fails. Planned as a luxurious leisure district, a holiday resort stretched out over an entire region, money ran out before construction was completed, and Pacifica became a dilapitated urban ruin abandoned by the authorities.

Various gangs set up shop in this condemned district, with the Voodoo Boys and the Animals being the top dogs, vying for control. Half-finished luxury hotels and malls have been long since looted, and now stand as empty husks home only to those who cannot afford to escape the warzone.

Santo Domingo

Santodomingo X

After the 4th Corporate War, Santo Domingo became an overcrowded refugee district due to having escaped major damage. One of the oldest districts in Night City, it is no stranger to change, and the corporations swooped in quickly after order was restored. Now, it is practically an industrial testing ground with new projects arising as quickly as they are torn down and replaced.

Meanwhile the disenfranchised residents of Santo Domingo struggle to get by due to the complete and utter lack of job stability. Crime has become rampant, with corporate security only ever stepping in when it presents a risk to one of the various industrial projects.


Badlands X

The barren wasteland just outside the borders of Night City, the Badlands are home to Nomads and any outcasts who have been rejected by the metropolis. Even more cutthroat and dangerous than the city, groups like the Aldecados and the Wraiths battle for what little semblance of control can be maintained in a lawless place like this.

Technically part of the United States as opposed to the independent state of Night City, people need to go through an immigration process before stepping into the city proper. Minor settlements exist out here, but life is as hard as it gets.

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