Night City From Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Own Website

CD Projekt Red has unveiled the official website of Night City, the setting of Cyberpunk 2077, which contains all sorts of new info and screenshots from the game.

Written like an actual in-game municipal site for the city, is full of attention to detail, and features things like mayoral election propaganda as well as in-universe pop-up ads, giving fans a taste of what living in the futuristic metropolis might really be like.

The website gives us some additional flavor text regarding the past of Night City, a run-down of its districts with brief descriptions, threat level categorizations and new screenshots.

There's also a beautiful video montage showing off new footage of the vast city you'll soon be swindling, sneaking and shooting your way through when the game is released. We also get an introduction to several people running for mayor, indicating an election is coming up - which probably means it will play a role in the game's story.

Lucius Rhyne is the incumbent mayor, with Weldon Holt and Mr. Peralez running to oust him. We don't know too much about these characters so far, but Holt's campaign poster shows Rhyne in the background, so it is possible the incumbent reached their term limit - if that's a thing in 2077 - and is backing Holt openly, and Peralez is depicted brandishing a pistol with awful trigger discipline and a caption 'he'll fight for you', so we assume he has militant philosophies.

If we're going to make a guess, V may be able to help one of the candidates out, and even be put in a position where our decisions directly affect or even determine the outcomes of the election, which in turn will have far-reaching consequences on the storyline. Since this is Cyberpunk 2077, you can bet that all candidates have closets full of skeletons for your to pick your way through, and decide what juicy blackmail to unleash.

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The in-universe ads also paint a humorous, and at times grim, picture of the future. Artificial meat products, super expensive "Real Water", and insurance covering extreme pollution, radiation, and medical malpractice related to cyberware installation. Ouch. Check out the site for all this and more!

Aron Gerencser
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