NieR Replicant: The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath Guide with Both Endings

Nier Replicant is host to a variety of interesting side quests that can lure your away from the main story. One of the particuarly touching side questlines is 'The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath' where you essentially deliver a letter to an old lady who lives in the lighthouse. The letters are supposed to be written by her lover who is stationed abroad in a foreign land and attempting to return home to be reunited with her. The truth is, her lover is dead and the townsfolk have been writing her letters, disguised as her lover, to keep her happy in her last days.

This quest has multiple endings and based on your choices, you may or may not receive the ultimate reward.

So without any further adieu, let's dive into this quest of separated love birds.

In order to start the questline, you'll need to accept the "The Postman's Request" quest from Devola in the village tavern. It's a rather straight forward quest where you'll travel to the Seafront and talk to the postmaster. The postmaster will instruct you to deliver the letter to the old lady in the Lighthouse and once that's done, you'll get a handsome reward of 1000 Gold.

Now, you can accept the "The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath" quest from Devola in the village tavern. This quest starts off in a pretty similar fashion as compared to the former one- you go to the Seafront and speak with the Postman.

However, instead of simply sending you to deliver the letter to the old lady, the postman will inform you that the old lady wants to leave the lighthouse and travel abroad to reunite with her lover since she's oblivious of his death. Now, you're tasked by the postman to convince the old lady to stay at the lighthouse. Here is where the questline forks: You can either tell her the truth or play.

After arriving at the Post office, the postman will explain that the old lady wants to abandon her post at the lighthouse so that she can travel to reunite with her lover. The player is then tasked by the postman with attempting to convince the old lady to stay at the lighthouse. What makes choice even tougher is the fact that she is dying of the black scrawl and it's her last wish is to see her lover one final time

Here are the two forks of the quest.

1. Don't tell her the truth and perpetuate the lie (no reward)

Don't tell her the truth and perpetuate the lie
Don't tell her the truth and perpetuate the lie

If you choose to play along with the lies of the townsfolk, the old lady will be thrilled and ask you to thank the postman when you see him next. If you choose to go down this path, you'll get no reward for the quest.

2. Tell her that her lover is dead (1,000 gold reward)

Tell her the truth
Tell her the truth

If you decide to tell her the truth about her lover on her death bed, she'll be shocked and taken aback at first. However, moments later she'll inform you that she had her suspicions that her lover was dead. She also asks you not to inform the townsfolk that shat she was aware of the deception since they all worked so hard to make her happy.

The last quest of this questline is called "Closure." The first part of this quest is the same as the other two, you'll acquire the quest from Devola in the village tavern and travel to the Seafront to talk with the postman. There, the postman informs you that the old lady passed away and asks you if you told her the truth, though he assumes you didn't.

Irrespective of your choice, the postman tells you that you did the 'right thing' as when they found the body she appeared happy. You can even lie to the postman, but once again, the ending will be the same.

The old lady's story is one of the most heartbreaking side quests in the game. The complete questline is made up of three different side quests and, technically speaking, you don't need to play them in succession. However, we recommend you to play them one after the other for utmost narrative immersion.

If you want a quest with a happy ending, be sure to check out The Pride of Lover side quest.

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