Nicolas Cage joins Dead by Daylight

"It's the performance of a lifetime" according to the game's official Twitter account, paying homage to one of Cage's most iconic lines.

Nicolas Cage is best known for his action movie but he's been involved in a number of horror projects lately. The actor was recently cast as Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield and it looks like his next role has just been secured.

Cage will be the newest survivor in the horror game.

Behaviour Interactive announced probably its biggest crossover for Dead by Daylight yesterday when it revealed that it will collaborate with the legendary Hollywood actor for the asymmetric survival horror game.

The announcement showed off a new teaser trailer where Cage emerges from the shadow before staring deeply into the camera. "There is nothing more powerful than imagination," Cage said in the trailer.

"It's the performance of a lifetime," Behaviour Interactive tweets. "Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage. Coming to a realm near you."

The crossover collaboration between Dead by Daylight and Nicolas Cage has whipped fans into a frenzy. Gamers have been reacting positively to the announcement with some comments expressing utter disbelief that the studio managed to add the actor to the game.

The official blurb for the collaboration reads, "After countless awards and over one hundred movies shot across the globe, Nicolas Cage had seen it all and done it all – or so he thought. While on set filming the role of a lifetime, his performance summoned The Entity, a malevolent being of incomprehensible power. The actor soon found himself cast in otherworldly Fog, forced to Survive a host of terrifying Killers deadlier than even the most scathing film critic."

Dead by Daylight has added characters from some of the biggest horror movies like Halloween, Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Ring. The game also added notable characters from the TV shows Stranger Things and Attack on Titan. On the video game side, Dead by Daylight has featured crossovers with Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Left 4 Dead.

The game has featured some of the biggest horror characters as DLCs.

Cage looks to be the first real-world character being added to the game. It may be the start of the game’s collaboration with personalities in the entertainment industry. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine someone like Jenna Ortega being featured in one of the future updates for the game.

It will be interesting to see how Behaviour Interactive implements Cage in the game. Hopefully, he will have some cool lines from some of his iconic movie roles as part of his character’s dialogue in the game.

Behavior Interactive is one of the studios currently working on Silent Hill: Ascension, which Konami describes is an "interactive streaming experience."

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